Thursday 30 September 2010


We cant see the point in adding to the chorus of bloggers who have endorsed various candidates..
However, we would find it difficult to talk to anyone who voted for Len Brown. The man reminds us of an American tele evangelist.. Like Ol' Jerry....


We reported recently on our experience with twittering our concerns about a substandard fish pie we had in a cafe recently and the fact that the restaurant was monitoring twitter and sorted out the issue in short order.

Now the Herald is carrying a story on how Twitter is being used by restaurants. Hospitality by its very nature is a great place to capitalise on the benefits of social media. Wellingtonians are joining up Four Square in droves as it points the social butterflies to the best deals around the place.

One of best examples on the Wellington scene of social media use is St Johns. the normally laconic owner Jason is having some fun on twitter offering deals on beer and wine every time the wind gets up . His latest effort is a total pisstake of himself but already he has had 3500 people view the vid on Youtube.

Well done him.

We are really expecting that the hospitality will be huge users of social media. Its immediacy and ability to target are a marketers wet dream.

Tuesday 28 September 2010


The United Nations has lost all semblance of credibility with this latest effort. They have appointed an obscure Malaysian Astro - physicist Mazlan Othman to be the " first point of contact - should ET drop by for a beer and a yack.

How ridiculously and stupendously silly. People starve , people die in their millions and instead of feet on the ground the UN has its eye on the sky.


Isn't that the place Helen Clark works now?

UPDATE: Okay so it appears that the story was based on a misinterpretation of a comment at a conference..

But it is interesting that people didnt have too much trouble believing that the UN would actually appoint someone to the alien grin and grip role.

Monday 27 September 2010


One of the biggest issues that Christchurch faces post quake is a sewage system thats a bit dodgy in places so port a loos have become de rigeur in many quake affected streets.

The Christchurch City Council has just announced that its bringing in 200 toilets from the North Island to be put in areas where things are still not the best on the sewage front.

So we expect they will be sturdy models - although we do like the portability of the one pictured.


A birds eye view of the Southland weather bomb..

Saturday 25 September 2010


We had a chuckle over Motellas post on travelling etiquette for vibrator owners...

It is very wise advice indeed.

It reminded us of a family story that is now legend. We have blogged on it before but its worth another whirl..

Ma and Pa have the near perfect life. They live in Alexandra and when the want takes them, they head for the highway in Bugsy's Burrow, their beloved motorhome.

They meet all sorts of people and some of them have become life long friends. A couple of weeks back they met up with some Aussies in a Hire Motorhome at the canals nearOmarama, who were heading to dads place of birth, Stewart Island. As people do, they soon worked out they shared a common ancestor Rob Roy McGregor. Bonds were cemented.
As they prepared to fish together, the Aussie brought out his pride and joy. It was a travelling set of fishing rods reels and stuff that fitted in a plastic container the size of a cake tin. Dad was envious. Everyone was deeply impressed. Dad helped the Aussie set up his lines and they caught fish, lots of fish.

Soon the Aussies departed and headed their motorhome south, bound for Stewart Island. That night as dad packed up Bugsy's Burrow he spied the plastic container full of his distant relatives fishing gear.

They didn't have much to go on - Dad told Vaughn to leave a message with the Stewart Island Ferry for "An Aussie called Dave who was a descendant of Rob Roy McGregor who had lost his fishing gear." 24 hours later mum and dad got a call.

Dave the Aussie, was stunned and ecstatic to get his very expensive fishing gear back.

Anyway, mum told Dave everyone was curious, as in amongst the mini rods and reels was a small bright purple thing about 4 inches long that hummed. The consensus was that it was some sort of fish attractant.

Er, no the Aussie said, it was his wife's vibrator. Seems that on their worldly travels he and his missus had copped a bit of flack from Customs over the vibrator. So he hid it in the fishing gear.

Mum reckons that the look on the old mans face when he heard what it was, has her wondering if he didn't try it out on the trout. He aint talking.


This is required reading for all those with an interest in the Foreshore and Seabed issues. We wrote about it some time ago and it generated quite a bit of interest. It is deserving of another airing.


We did a bit of a tiki tour on Saturday to a place called Flatpoint in the Wairarapa It's a stark barren stretch of coast . Flatpoint is a collection of a hotch potch of both old style bachs and beach mansions. A smallish round house with uninterrupted views to the sea across the little 9 hole golf links is up for grabs - offers over $600k. A vineyard with an average home and 3 ha is up for grabs at a $1 million.
Its an area known for crayfish and paua in abundance.

But what makes Flatpoint interesting is that the foreshore - thats the beach , is privately owned and access is apparently jealously guarded as is a considerable stretch of the Wairarapa coast. In fact the discussion document on the Foreshore and Seabed Act makes special mention that these areas will not be part of any changes to the Foresohore and Seabed legislation.

There is essentially only one road into the area which stretches from Flatpoint to Glenburn. Sections with beach views are for sale and they have " exclusive access " to the beach to launch a boat " as part of the title. So sections do not own the access - they just appear to have " exclusive access" across the landowners land - in essence there is no Queens Chain.

It was not a welcoming place. Simply because the access to the beach is not allowed and everywhere there were " Private Property" Private access only signs. DOC had two access points and again it was made patently clear that part of that access was across private land. In one track it was made clear that the track did not provide access to the beach -essentially the very very long coastline is privately owned - lock stock and sifting sand.

Each Section sale includes the following:
  • a right of way secured to title in favour of the purchaser to enable permanent private access to boat launching to the Lot owner and his immediate family and guests, up to ten persons at a passing.
  • a 1/39th share in the community controlling body as required by Resource Consent Condition(Flat Point Beach Ltd). This body will be responsible for Environmental monitoring and transfer of solid waste to landfill. This body is also required to draw new owners attention to the Environmental Care Code and to make its records available to Council annually.
  • a 1/39th share in Lots 40 & 41(plantation reserve) and Lots 43 & 44(pedestrian walkways).

However we found a track to the beach via a river bed and we toddled down to the ice water just to say that we had dipped our toe in the ocean.
It was an unsettling place simply because it does not feel like the rest of coastal New Zealand. It is not the way we want to see the rest of New Zealand's coast line managed. For some reason we cant quite fathom it actually made us profoundly sad.
We cant remember another place where we have essentially been locked out of a coastline.

We noticed that the access roads which interestingly are public to a point are obviously maintained by the taxpayer and we would be interested in seeing who paid for both the power and telephone lines as well.

We are keen to see the foreshore and seabed issue sorted out to everyones advantage - we dont really care if there is a title that denotes ownership. However that ownership should be required to ensure public access. We do not want to see more examples of Flatpoint anywhere ever.


We did the LOL thing when we read this ever so subtle pisstake of Nuz reader Sam Hayes by John Drinnan.

Here's her defending her stance to wear but not eat the good bits of dead things

Hayes, by the way explained in the article about her rationale on leather given she was a vegan saying she was happy to use the byproducts of meat production.

She has standards though.

"I will never wear snake skin. I will never wear alligator.

"I will never wear calf skin," the TV3 environmental reporter told Remix.

If its all about killing things then one has to be consistent. No use of any part of the said dead animal at all. And so apparently she is happy to don a bit of lambskin but not snakeskin.. Again she makes a judgement about what creatures are more deserving of her devotion than another...

No leather, no shoes, no handbags. No wool. No feathers or there is no credibility. Her stance makes here look seriously vaccuous.

Not sure why Sam Hayes is willing to sacrifice her reputation over a bit of tanned hide. Shit the skinny ginga bitch would look fantastic in a hemp sackcloth.

Friday 24 September 2010


Today we dined at McGinnitys restaurant at the Wellesley Hotel.

It just keeps getting better.And the word is spreading, its starting to get pretty crowded at lunchtime.

In reality, its one of Wellington's best kept secrets. McGinnitys has a wonderful old world feel, and charm.

While the boys dined on rump steak with Mushroom Tapenade and Steak and kidney hotpots - we opted for the battered fish and chips - it was spectacularly good. Tarakihi at its best. The batter was light and exquisitely crisp the fish quiveringly fresh - the chips tasty and crunchy.
And the price? $19.50.

It is the best fish and chips dish of all the good restaurants in Wellington.
And the boys? Well they also declared their dishes some of the best ever.

Its the sort of place you go to get the best food we all love- done exceedingly well.

The Wine? Well it was a great match for the boys sacrifices to the alter of King Carnivore. Aspire Cab Merlot.


Only the UNPC capital of the world - Bluff. The local school has done a calendar of fishing fellas in the buff. Nothing hugely new in that. Tastefully done nudie calendars are are bit last decade . The new twist Bluff has come up with is a competition - guess the arse.

We lived in Bluff for 3 years..

Trouble is if you entered the competition and correctly guessed the most number of arses - well questions could be asked.
We wont be entering....

Thursday 23 September 2010


Well Aussie online marketing guru Lee Hopkins reckons that its about time that the PR industry across the ditch treated Bloggers with a bit more respect.

We agree - especially the bloggers who are subject matter experts.

Bloggers are here to stay. And their influence will grow and the PR industry whether it be here or Aussie ignore them at their peril.

His very interesting take on the Debate is here .

Wednesday 22 September 2010


We arrived in Christchurch today not really knowing what to expect. As you drive in from the airport, it takes a while before you realise that chimneys are in short supply. Our taxi has a problem finding our inner city apartment hotel and thats not because its hard to find, its on Cashel Street, one of the main throughfares, it's just that there are still streets blocked off as buildings are being removed or areas are still deemed unsafe for pedestrians and traffic. So our friendly taxi bloke has to take a fairly round about route to get us where we want to go.

We arrive. Its a cute place. Everything you want in miniature. We walk to our first meeting. It should take us 10 minutes but it takes us a bit longer simply because we have to detour around the central city road closures.

When we arrive back to our comfy wee hotel room we contemplate ringing reception as theTV is a bit blinky and TV1 is only screening in black and white. We watch a news item on a bunch of people in Christchurch who still dont have sewage systems and functioning water and with a rising lump in our throat we are mesmerised as a city official breaks down as he tells the distraught residents that the city officials are doing their best and going as fast as they can but they can only do so much. We feel a growing embarrassment that our big worry was having to watch the news in monochrome while residents in an enclave of this city are using buckets to shit in.

Soon an old and dear friend picks us up to take us out to dinner. We gather up another old mutual mate who shows us his lovely home with tell tale bulges that indicate possible hidden structural weaknesses.
We drive past a few churches - earthquakes don't like old churches. Few steeples are left.But the churches will live on.

We dine at a wonderful Merrivale restaurant called JDV . We sup on a great syrah from the Barrossa called the Protagonist. We talk of almost everything but the Big Event. That is the way my mates wanted it and despite being desperate to ask questions, we let them lead the table topics.

The food was very fine- the steak one of the best we have had for a while.

It was a good evening but on the conversation breeze, the word earthquake swirled like a dervish time and time again among the other diners.

Soon, too soon, we were back at the hotel room - 20 metres from a closed off street - within a few paces of places that may never open again.

Christchurch is badly wounded. But it is functioning. We had 15 minutes to spare at the end of the day and we bought some clothes. A practical and simple way to help the city. You can come here, you can sleep, you can get around and you can eat and drink and buy and you can listen to the earthquake tales of those who have lived through this extraordinary event.

The blossoms, like a flossy petticoat gird Hagley Park. The daffodils speckle the banks of the Avon. Some things just carry on like - well like always.

The people are doing the best they can to work together to get back to normal. Its going to take time. But the worst thing we can do is ignore this city. Come here, visit, eat, sleep, listen and where you can spend an extra dollar.
Just being here, being part of the fix is the best help you can give.


This one is for our mate in the Hague.. missin you BOIL.


we support Paul Quinns bill to stop inmates from having a right to vote while in jail. However it looks like it needs a bit of a tidy up. Its time wasting and costly to have to revisit badly written bills so its important to get it right the first time.

Tuesday 21 September 2010


Must be the sun shinin..

ohh yeah...


It appears that John Key thinks that Mana is likely to fall to Labour. National must have commissioned some polling and its indicated that there is a sizeable gap - making National the underdog. While it looks like even Labours Mr " Oi Oi" Faafoi will romp to victory, Key is going to ensure that National gives Hekia Parata all the support it can muster. Having the PM take a particular interest in the campaign is testament to the candidate that Parata is.

We like it that even in the face of near certain defeat National goes into the battle all guns blazing.


Monday 20 September 2010


We have been looking at the various ways that Twitter is starting to make in roads into our daily lives as it picks up more and more users. And today was a classic example of how it can work.

We had lunch at Cafe L'affare. Not a place we normally go simply because we have an aversion to untamed rugrats and the place is their spiritual home. So being a bit peckish we ordered up the fish pie $18 with salad. We love fish pie. We have written a lot about who has the best fish pie in Wellington so without calling for a vote on it - we think we can claim the title of Wellingtons number one fish pie expert. and Arbitrageurs pie is still the best.

So it was with much sadness that when we lifted the lid on the L'affare smoked fish pie today that it was not an affair we wanted to remember. It was solid and sticky in a wallpaper paste kinda way. It was so overcooked and dried out that the pieces of egg within were a goldy colour and could have served as the innards of a good golfball.

So we decided that this was a tweetworthy event.

So we sent out our tweet missive that the pie at Laffare was not good and commented on its wallpaper paste consistency. We put down our phone sighed and forked over the stodgy remains and looked at the lovely salad. Sadly we are not really a salady kinda chick.

Then suddenly the lovely young man about the house was at our side.
"So what are we going to do about this" he said.

Lordy, it took a second to work out that he was indeed talking about our pie.

We were surprised and delighted with the instant response.

And we hasten to add that we have sent back food if its not up to standard and were just about to do that anyway.

He then swept up the bill and told us lunch was on the house. He told us they have a search on L'Affare on twitter and thats how they picked my tweet up. He also told us that the fish pie was being taken off the menu.

They do have a reputation of being a good eatery and coffee house to protect. And they did it in style today. So we will go back.

We have been watching the exponential growth and practical use of Twitter and Foursquare and Facebook with a great deal of interest.
Used well it is definitely a fantastic marketing tool. And more and more restaurants and bars in Wellington are using it.


It will be if Hone gets to be leader. We have checked with the Kumara vine and the NZ Herald story is on the money. Hone is considering a tilt at the Maori Party leadership. It would be the singularly worst thing that he could do. But Hone is a tactician not a strategist. He is playing a short term game. And while he talks about doing it all for his people all the time, the reality is its all about Hone.
Dont matter if you are Maori or Pakeha - Egotistical dickheads are still dickheads.

There wont be a need for a referendum soon. the country will have had enough of little parties who have aspirations above their station and will essentially vote for government you would get under a first past the post system.


We have been doing some more thinking about the #woopwoop story

This is a very good example of the changing face of the media. While one would have expected hard news to be the foundation of a Monday morning front page lead of a National Daily, they have picked up on a story that is not earth shattering, its not a game changer or critical information. Its really not all that relevant. But it is a topic that will provoke conversations. It will polarise opinion and we think that after today woopwoop as a phrase, will have considerably more usage.
Papers have joined the social media game. The sad part is that good hard investigative life changing informative news is getting less and less common, both in the digtal media and the traditional media space.


We as a nation seem to be wallowing in sensitivity these days. And this morning the NZ Herald gives space to another someone who is feeling " sensitive" about something. Its the AirNZ advert for a few cheap seats. The advert ends with the words Woop Woop. The sound of aircraft sirens and a common sound of pleasure. And its also the name of a Aussie Shiraz that is so poular its sold out.

The complaint has come from a family member of one of the victims of the Erebus crash.They reckon that it is insensitive of AirNZ to use the words Woop Woop in the advert as they were the last sounds apparently recorded on the black Box as the plane went down.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, why is more attention paid to the families of victims of high profile accidents than those families whop suffer loss from the run of the mill but no less traumatic events that happen every damn day.

It seems families of high profile accidents need to stay in the limelight and use any excuse they can find to keep the spotlight shining their way. And the media is happy to oblige. A very unhealthy symbiotic relationship.

Sad all round really.

So can we now expect the families of the Erebus victims to call for a ban on oxygen?

After all, its the last thing those on that fateful flight breathed.

Sunday 19 September 2010


All the signs are there according to Big News . Personally we would have preferred to see Josie Pagani get the nod. More brains, more politically savvy and way less ego. Instead all the good people of Mana get is an egotistical carpetbagger.

Hekia Parata could do okay if the community out there is divided. After all, she has worked hard on the ground to represent her constituents.

Friday 17 September 2010


Thank goodness for that.


The TEA Party - taking America by storm one anti onanist at a time, has set up shop in Aussie. There its moved away from being an actual party but more of an economic reforming movement.

TEA? Taxed Enough Already

With ACT's demise will the TEA PartyNZ be what rises from the ashes ?


Yup it looks that way. Funny the new and most important information of the Heralds Garrett story this morning is that four people knew about Garretts baby identity theft crime. Funny that despite the fact that there was a suppression order 4 people in the party knew about it. So of stuffs up the argument around secrecy and all that really.

Yesterday, an Act source told the Herald that because of the suppression order, Mr Garrett's identity theft charge was a well-kept secret within the party, known until this week by only four senior members.

The source said it was likely the information was leaked this week by one of those four members.

What ever were they thinking?

Its a bridge to far for us.

Garretts toast, Roy is a joke and as for ACTs future ? Its bleak.

Thursday 16 September 2010


Hell this woman is just plain odd - She is as conservative as they come on social issues - She is a firm believer in god and playing with others but not yourself.

She led a national campaign against Masturbation! Heres the rub - she has been guilty of tax evasion.

Seems that the sin of lust is worse than the sin of avarice

Its obvious they dont have men that look like this in Delaware..


We wondered about the "Massive storm" headline that graced a few media outlets in the last 24 hours. It was put out by The story didnt indicate anything to be hugely concerned about - just a bloody big storm - not a mega event by any stretch. Now the Metservice has come out and said while a significant event its not of the apocalyptic proportions indicated by weatherwatch.

Its just big in area not in ferocity.

So it will be interesting to see just what the big hunk of sky fluff will actually bring. One thing we are certain of - the shitstorms between the two competing weather forcasting outfits will continue.

Personally we like our forecasts fact based and without boyish enthusiasm for hyperbole.

Wednesday 15 September 2010


So its an interesting song - but WTF - who cares??? Fonterra ad campaign sours after a smidgen of media attention over the lyrics of a song that no-one hears..

Can we have a real story please???


Seems our favorite dirty girl has been dumped by a scottish born policeman. While we understand his career concerns it needs to be remembered that Lisa Lewis is not a criminal. What she does is legal. She could well end up with a place on the Hamilton City Council. She is running a busy campaign and certainly knows how to draw attention to the issues she believes in. So we reckon the Scotty plod is a plonker. At the end of the day he has given up the chance to have and hold NZ's most expensive piece of arse to himself.

Go Lisa - forget about the highland love rat and get out there and win your place at the Hamilton City Council Table. The stuffy, most boring city in the country needs you.

Tuesday 14 September 2010


We think so. Today is probably more of an historical moment that many realise. Up until now the online media has been a free for all and no-one was just to sure where the boundaries were. So we, as bloggers, all tested them from time to time - some more than others and no-one more than Whaleoil. His personal crusade on name suppression has crossed the media channel divide between online and mainstream.
Every journalist worth their salt, while not agreeing sometimes with the way that Whale ran his campaign, believes in the principals behind it. If they don't then frankly they should go find a job writing slogans for greeting cards.

Whale has today been found guilty of breaching name suppression. And faced some hefty fines to boot. If the mainstream media had any conscience at all they would be chipping in to pay his fines.

We need laws in this country that are fair, just without a nod to race or status. But the support for Whales dogged campaign and the growing unease in the way that suppression was being granted showed that the law was indeed not being applied even handedly. Justice was peeking under her blindfold and depending on what she saw, she made a biased call on when veil of secrecy was applied.

Whale has done his bit. He showed courage when the mainstream media did not.

He should be applauded and supported for that.


OK We admit to being old and fat but we can still lust. And this boy was designed to evoke lust even in the oldest and tiredest of tarts.

Monday 13 September 2010


We still watch Southland from afar.. And for us its a no brainer. Shadbolt is tired and divisive. Time for a change. We have known the Prentice family over the years. So we are more than happy to endorse her. So goooo Suzanne!

Saturday 11 September 2010


This is something we have heard quite a lot about and we are delighted to see that superb economist Brent Wheeler has done a really good analysis of the economic pluses and minuses of the Canterbury Quake. Its a really interesting blog and Brent has done a great job of telling something relatively complicated in a way that even blondes and brunettes can understand.

Friday 10 September 2010


Yip we predicted it. Lisa Lewis caught another aspiring politician vandalising her election sign. She complained to the police. Got it back and now its up on Trademe for sale.. Well done Lisa.. Vernon - you're the wanker of the week.


This bloke Sarb Johal is sensible and pragmatic.

Thursday 9 September 2010


Oh dear poor Lisa Lewis has caught some idiot vandalising her election signs. Our favourite stripper and adult entertainer is standing for Mayor and councillor . She has video evidence .

He is in biiiiigg trouble .



Catus wants terminal punishment metted out to arseholes in Canterbury who beat up their, wives and partners and kids. Earthquakes are no excuse for beating up the ones you love.

We agree.. Heres a song for Cactus.


It appears that AP is going to give credit when credit is due - to bloggers. We are already seeing a bit of this. The Herald, Stuff, NBR all credit bloggers from time to time. Perhaps the best online blogger come breaker of news is Whaleoil. Kiwiblog and Brown at Public Address and Bernard Hickey have all broken news at some time as have to a lesser extent, we here at Roarprawn, Cactus Kate and others. Bloggers have always credited mainstream media when they link to news but its been a one way street for quite some time. What we think we are seeing is a seismic shift in the way that news is delivered. Twitter became a huge force for information dissemination - both good and bad during the Canterbury quake. We did little but twitter for the first two days of the quake . We saw its raw power to get information out quickly. Just as facebook became a way for people to express their feelings to others.

So where next for the social and online media ? We are confident it will be the dominant information dissemination tool in our lives in the future -in fact it may well be already. Wecome to cloudnews.

Wednesday 8 September 2010


This is a tough read. We know Amy and she a good woman.

Nothing we can say or write can add anything to what she has written.

Date: 07 September 2010 12:00 AM
Author/s: Amy Adams MP

The early hours of Saturday morning were without doubt some of the scariest of my life. Wrenched from deep sleep by violent tremors and a deafening roar, the mind can't even comprehend what is happening.

Once I realised it was an earthquake the next thought was quite simply that we were going to die. There just didn't seem any way the house could withstand the forces throwing it around. In those moments your instinct is simply to reach out for your family.

Grabbing my husband we both started screaming out to my daughter (my son was thankfully away in a safe area) and as soon as we could stand we pushed through debris in total blackness to my daughter's room. Later when the sun came up I would learn that the fish tank that flew across her room missed her head by mere inches before crashing on the bed post but at that moment the priority was getting everyone into the kitchen and under our very solid table.

In the darkness the house felt totally unfamiliar and progress was slow picking our way through the remains of our once treasured possessions. In bare feet broken glass was the biggest challenge and once we reached the table it felt like a refuge. We huddled together there for a while before venturing out for blankets, shoes and our civil defence kit which luckily enough we had.

Thoughts quickly turned to friends, family and neighbours. Where text contact could be made we were reassured but we couldn't get any response from my husband's family down the road. A heated debate ensued - we couldn't stand the thought they could be buried under rubble but we had no way of knowing if the roads were safe or even still there. In the end my husband headed out to check on his family while my daughter and I took turns comforting each other that no matter what else happened we were ok.

I remember thinking if it feels this bad here imagine how bad the epicentre must be. When the radio told us we were the epicentre, it was oddly comforting. At least no where would be much worse than this and there was no risk of tsunami.

There was little more we could do then but try to stay warm and wait for the sun to come up. When it did get light it was all a bit surreal. Total stillness & a sense of an ordinary morning until you looked at all the damage and then my brain seemed incapable of knowing how to process it all. I spent several hours just wandering around staring at things not even abe to formulate a plan of where to start.

Power, water and landlines were gone and would be for the next 48 hours and cellphones and radios became invaluable. In the hours ahead it seemed everyone else in the world knew more about what was happening than us.

By mid morning there was little more we could do at home and family members were there helping out so I left to survey damage to the local area. Needless to say it was significant in parts but other areas had largely escaped unscathed.

Roads that had been flat and straight now had hills in them and tarmac had ripped apart, large pine hedges had moved metres from their original sites but it was the devastated houses that left me shell shocked. Time and again I heard stories of lucky escapes and the fact no-one died seemed more and more miraculous.

The randomness of it all is bizarre. One township will be badly hurting, in the next barely a glass has been broken.

Now as the days wear on the euphoria of being alive is waning and the scale of the disaster is weighing on us heavily. No-one is sleeping much as aftershocks rattle our frayed nerves and exhausted, hollowed eyed faces are everywhere. It will be some time yet before we know the full extent of what this has cost us financially & emotionally.

On the positive side though something like this brings out the best in the vast bulk of people. Our communities are resilient and supportive and make me proud to be a Cantarbrian. Our people look out for each other and something like this certainly reminds you what is important. Together I have no doubt we will get through this.

Tuesday 7 September 2010


We have been a little busy lately and haven't blogged much. However Whale has the best yarn today - apart from the quake stuff.. Seems he has established what was previously only speculation. Kris Faafoi has been anointed by Goff. We haven't had a lot do with Faafoi but Busted Blonde did meet him one dark and terrible night. The cast included the Press Gallery , a Minister and some other media and PR people.. Everyone was a lidddle bit tired and emotional.

There was a lot of shouting and stuff. And Busted's date for the night was in his mobility scooter.

She says she will never forget what Faafoi said that night. Etched on the big Blondes memory forever.


Gillard has her gov but its only cobbled together with support from two independent MP's and it was Oakeshott who gave her the last nod that took her over the line. However his speech will go down in history as one of the great public wankfests of all time.Everyone in New Zealand is already wondering if the ugly prick is related to Winston Peters. Both are huge narcissists.

Monday 6 September 2010


The river on the back boundary is the highest we have seen it. In the forground is the fence. and one would get a very wet bum if one lounged in the hammock.
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There is no power on the Wairarapa Train this morning.. Its the third time in less that three weeks that we have had no generator on the train - that means no heating and only emergency lights and it always happens on really cold crap mornings.

However we reckon that being on a cold train is infinitely more bearable than living in a mangled Christchurch.. So we start our day grateful and thinking what we can best do for the stricken mainlanders.

Saturday 4 September 2010

"Motella" - News, Views and Politics of New Zealand's Motel Industry: LIVE Twitter Feed of Christchurch Quake

"Motella" - News, Views and Politics of New Zealand's Motel Industry: LIVE Twitter Feed of Christchurch Quake


Actually the whole of the NZ media has fallen a bit short on the Christchurch earthquake.

We first realised something was up when we got a message from Cactus Kate. She lives in Hong Kong. It was about 5.30am.

So we turned on the TV ( we dont have Sky) TVNZ - nothing - TV3 - nothing. Turned on RNZ and they were still running a kids programme. The TV stations and most radio stations are now pushing out info but not RNZ. It is woeful.

RNZ did a special morning report with Mary Wilson and Kim Hill. It is like listening to Decima and Morta - their black delivery was too depressing to listen to. And Wilson does not know how to listen to people. She just knows how to ask people questions - there is a world of difference.

When people dont have power and cellphones become problematic due to the towers being knocked out - good old steam radio is where people will go to get info. So it is important that they continue to push out info.

The Herald started reporting early as did Stuff.

However it was online and especially Twitter that had the quickest most update info and first pics on the event. Soon the media was using the pics and info from Twitter.
It is an extraordinarily fast and organic way to get and spread info.

Hashtags - the search words from which info streams develop on an issue were problematic. The first to get a head of steam was EQNZ. The christchurchquake took a while to get some momentum. There are good and bad reasons for using both tags.

So instead of one key portal to info there are many.

But as we sat, fascinated how the story evolved and how it was handled we learned a little more about the power and the limitations of the online social media community in a major event.

Friday 3 September 2010


We are astounded, Bustedblonde was apparently seen with none other that the cherubic faced pinko unionist Matt McCarten in Auckland yesterday. She has told us that she was quite taken by the strategy maestro and his passion for the cause - the United the Union. He was sporting a little lapel button that said UTU United the Union..

The Dark Prince of lefty politics was in the company of the most popular talkback duo in the country - John Tamihere and Willy Jackson. Dark deeds were being plotted - but maybe thats because they are all Maori fellas.

Anyway. Bustedblonde drank and scoffed with them and undoubtedly increased her already substantial girth. We are expecting that Whale Oil and Cactus will be calling for her expulsion from the VWRC forthwith.
Apparently the three Maori Sopranos are going to be at a very important function this weekend . Lady June, Willys mama is getting her gong from the Guvnor General.

John Banks and Len Brown will be there along with Rodney Hide but apparently Maori MP's have been slow to respond to their invites..

Seems the Urban / tribal Maori bullshit is still alive and well.


OHH my Busted Blonde has been interviewed by Wine Spectator - in the Wine gossip column called Unfiltered..

It has a lovely picture of the Busted One adorned with her Maori Portholes..

cheeky bint...

Wednesday 1 September 2010


Yip , another writer finds the whole saga quite entertaining...


Cactus really should take more time off. Everytime she ceases blogging for the while - she comes back with a show stopper....

Well done her


Mike King So, it took Maori 25 years to get one billion dollars in treaty settlements, yet it only took 25 minutes for Pakeha to get 1.6 billion dollars...? WTF? How does that work?


A young man is dead after consuming the best part of a bottle of vodka . His parents want to know what happened on the night of his death. In the mix is the son of Auckland Mayor John Banks.

This tragedy will leave an indelible mark on all the kids there that night. John Banks has grounded his son and also got him to take a First aid course so that he can be better prepared for dealing with someone who has a life threatening condition.
It was clear from the Close Up programme last night that John Banks was deeply affected by what had happened.

No doubt there will be those who say that the punishment that Banks has metted out to his son Alex is not enough.

Take for instance this Facedbook exchange

Sumner Burstyn WTF WTF WTF - John Banks grounds his son for egging on another kid to drink so much he then dies. And this is man who might run our city - if he can't manage his family with any true morality how can he run a city?

31 minutes ago · ·

    • what was supposed to do? take him out and flog him?
      20 minutes ago · ·

    • Sumner Burstyn
      good question - (in addition) take away all his privileges for 6 months (cell phone / internet / computer games). Make him volunteer after school and weekends at the Salvation Army shelter for 12 months. He has contributed in a large way to the death of a friend. If he was driving a car that crashed and killed his friend he would be charged - so why are we so slack about alcohol? And his father seeks rolls that are supposed to be about 'service to his community' and yet we all know his ego drives him to use public office to feather his own nest. And you know this young man has had a very well-feathered nest. And his father wants him to stay in his nest - (which is hardly a punishment for 'connected' youth) while another family has lost their son. Like father like son I say - this speaks loud and clear as to the culture and arrogance that informs John Banks and therefore his son.
      8 minutes ago ·

    • Crap sumner. James webster was very clearly intending to drink himself silly. I remember my past well. The years of yard glasses and lines of tequila. Guilt will be alex banks biggest punishment. And you seem to be saying that just because alex banks is a rich kid that he is worse for it? Where's the logic in that reasoning
Sumner Burstyn I just want to make it clear that one persons choice - Websters choice to drink - does not absolve another persons response - Banks choice to not only do nothing - but to encourage.
8 minutes ago ·

Guilt is a heavy, heavy burden on a young mans shoulders and Banks has done the right thing.
His sons punishment is just,measured and educative .

While there are others who were involved in the death of James Webster , its clear from his texts that he made his own decisions that night.

We have witnessed alcoholic poisoning first hand as a teenager. A chap who downed the best part of a bottle of vodka was quickly taken to hospital. We just knew something was terribly wrong.

So it taught us all that night that alcohol could kill.

We can all say with gravitas and the with the benefit of hindsight that this is a message we need to give to all young people.

Trouble is teenagers are teenagers. They will test boundaries, make mistakes, break rules. All we can do as parents is give them the best of information and guide them them through the toughest of lifes times.