Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The United Nations has lost all semblance of credibility with this latest effort. They have appointed an obscure Malaysian Astro - physicist Mazlan Othman to be the " first point of contact - should ET drop by for a beer and a yack.

How ridiculously and stupendously silly. People starve , people die in their millions and instead of feet on the ground the UN has its eye on the sky.


Isn't that the place Helen Clark works now?

UPDATE: Okay so it appears that the story was based on a misinterpretation of a comment at a conference..

But it is interesting that people didnt have too much trouble believing that the UN would actually appoint someone to the alien grin and grip role.


Anonymous said...

"They have appointed an obscure Malaysian Astro - physicist Mazlan Othman". Mazlan could hardly be described as "obscure". She is a world leading astrophysicist. She has a BSc and Ph.D from the University of Otago and has over come many obstacles in her home country, until recently, not known for the promotion women. Her opportunity came as a result the Colombo plan and NZ should be proud of her subsequent achievements; a role model for young people in any country. Have a look at her bio here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazlan_Othman
A little research before your post would not have gone amiss. As for the position, I am sure she would not have accepted unless she saw validity in it. This, along with the many other appointments she holds.
I confess an interest. I know Mazlan- her son boarded with us while he was at a local high school in Dunedin. She is a most charming, articulate, intelligent woman and does not deserve your description- "obscure"
Richard Parata

kehua said...

Mazlon who/ and at what cost? Typical UN Bullshit whilst hundreds of African women and children get raped and sodomised 100 mtrs fro UN outposts. The UN must surely be the most disengenuous authority in the World.

Anonymous said...

fuck you fattie!

Anonymous said...

Actually, reports of this appointment appear to be a case of utter bollocks,
see: http://www.3news.co.nz/NZ-educated-physicist-denies-ET-ambassador-role/tabid/1160/articleID/178487/Default.aspx

Instead of revealing how she will be officially designated as the Earth's "leader" in case of any slumming ET tourists wending our way, her upcoming talk will apparently be about "Near Earth Objects", or in plain-speak, discussion about the rather large chunks of rock that could potentially mess up our future on this planet way worse than any of Al Gore's wildest Manbearpig scenarios...

Anonymous said...

Yep. Time she pulled her head out of her arse and did some homework before spouting drivel (spewing bile ?)