Sunday, 19 September 2010


All the signs are there according to Big News . Personally we would have preferred to see Josie Pagani get the nod. More brains, more politically savvy and way less ego. Instead all the good people of Mana get is an egotistical carpetbagger.

Hekia Parata could do okay if the community out there is divided. After all, she has worked hard on the ground to represent her constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Hekia Parata doesn't have any constituents. Or a consitituency. Although she must now be pretty well experienced at failing to win a consituency. How many times is this now? 3? 4? And how many different seats? Must be at least 3, including Mana.

Not that she's a carpetbagging loser. Hell no.

Just saying.