Monday, 20 September 2010


It will be if Hone gets to be leader. We have checked with the Kumara vine and the NZ Herald story is on the money. Hone is considering a tilt at the Maori Party leadership. It would be the singularly worst thing that he could do. But Hone is a tactician not a strategist. He is playing a short term game. And while he talks about doing it all for his people all the time, the reality is its all about Hone.
Dont matter if you are Maori or Pakeha - Egotistical dickheads are still dickheads.

There wont be a need for a referendum soon. the country will have had enough of little parties who have aspirations above their station and will essentially vote for government you would get under a first past the post system.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

He might just find out how much support he HASN'T got south of Ninety Mile Beach and Hauhora.

kehua said...

It will not happen.

Cactus Kate said...

A superb move by the Maori Party. Nothing like showing their true colours. I imagine Hone has the support of the majority of the membership.


Unknown said...

I agree JohnHatfield...sorry Hony for leader.....that'll work....for sure!!

Ihapera Paniora said...

Are you all should be applauding Hone for not being a sell out......if you actually read the legislation you would find that the MCA is just a re-worded version of the FSA. So the Maori party repealed the FSA but what with? is more the question! lets see....ownership='common space' still managed by the crown, oh and customary title! its a bit hard to prove that when previous legislation such as the Lands Act has confiscated it. Since when is it alright for the theif to determine the means by which they will give the stolen property back? Its just another example of the govt pretending to give a damn.