Friday 17 January 2014

yuk and turduck.

the burger and the  gourmet roll. both  variations  of the Turducken. 

Wednesday 15 January 2014


So WhaleOil busts open another political can of wrigglers. DOTCOMs plans are now public for all to see.

Well sort of. Bradbury has not  written a political strategy as much as he has written a very crap  comms  and engagement plan built round a launch. We don't know what the party will really do apart from fight some issues like the GCSB bill repeal and  that it wants to position itself as a political  kingmaker.

The name "internet party" reminds me of a idea a few IT peeps looked at over 13 years ago. They bought me on board to look at how we could make the idea fly. Basically it was a party where the members would vote on issues on line  and that would give their MP's a mandate issue by issue.

It was a bit before its time as social media, those days was a descriptor of a gossip columns in the local paper. It didn't get off the ground because everyone involved was short of the cash needed to pull it together.

So  maybe Kim  is thinking along similar lines. Not so much a party for the people but a party of the people

It has been interesting listening and watching commentators totally dismissing  the Internet Party. I was talking to a mate today who like me believes that no-one should write off this digital political spawn.

Its because we both see how cynical GenY are. These digital natives distrust everything and they hate most the things  which impinge   on their ability to move around on the net sucking up what the want when they want at the least cost.

The reason  we think the Internet Party has a chance is simple. DotComm literally has a big following on the net - close to 350 thousand on twitter and around 20 thousand on Facebook. He is seen by the GenYers as the man who is fighting against big business,  fighting what they see as Big Brother Governments and fighting for  their freedom in their new digital playground.

Everyday I watch in despair as young smart  men and women,  successful and educated , swear their allegiance to Dotcom.

He is the ante  hero they can identify with, a victim of what they see as  tyranny, a winner,  a master of the digital universe and irreverent. GenY struggles to take anything really seriously unless its something that impinges on what they see as their freedoms. So they revere him .  They see him as the only one who is fighting for their freedom on the net  - the place they are most at home.

DotComm knows how to deploy  the net, and that means he can harness this large group of normally apathetic voters by taking the one election issue they care about  their digital freedom direct to them - And he can talk to them on their smartphones and they can talk to him. Interactive politics has come of age.

While Bradbury may be v keen to be part  Kims party I would doubt that the paper that has been leaked is much more than a ham fisted  touting for some work.

Alistair Thompsons involvement is much more interesting. He does understand the net and his  undisguised admiration for  Dot Comm in the past means it comes as no surprise he  is jumping ship. He sees himself as a fighter for internet freedom . DotCom is his general.

I struggle to see why anyone cannot see that there is a serious possibility that after the next election - Key maybe sitting down thrashing out a coalition with DotCom. Wonder  who will be sweating then?