Monday 25 April 2011


Needs no words

Sunday 24 April 2011


We were very heartened to hear that Matt McCarten is looking to stare at us over the political ramparts for a while longer.

Matt, like us, has mates across the political spectrum and it was from one of them that we heard that the cherubic faced unionist was facing a grim prognosis on the cancer front.

A few months later we met him and a few other celebs in the Chapel Bar in Auckland.

We got to yacking, as you do, and found we had quite a few common friends, as is often the case in our little country.

So today we were delighted to read his column and find out that he has upped the odds on surviving cancer for a while yet.

McCarten is a unionist and politician we admire. He is committed, a gentleman, a fine tactician and loyal to his mates no matter what their beliefs.

His politics are not ours - in fact we are diametrically opposed in the way we think we can change the world and make it better

Anyway, McCarten is the best type of political enemy, one we can respect. And we need him to be operating on all cylinders this year otherwise it will be no bloody fun at all.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Around the World at Easter

Posted by Lambcut.

The US is to begin drone strikes on Libyan targets. Games without frontiers war without tears.

Your iPhone knows where you are and it can tell other people, like the IRD, the Police and your spouse’s divorce lawyer.

24 people had themselves nailed to crosses in the Philippines, to demonstrate their Christian love.

Live on Italian TV, a little girl asked Pope Benedict to explain the suffering caused by the Japanese tsunami. Poor old Bene the Rat was buggered if he knew about that.

In Israel yesterday, WikiLeaks revealed that whilst in opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu tried to make Ehud Olmert attack Iran. Benjamin is Prime Minister now. Watch out Iran.

And in the UK, Kate Middleton’s face was found on a jelly bean. It’s a good likeness too.

Friday 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

Posted by Lambcut (the Brunette is away).

Easter is irritating to an irritable perimenopausal atheist. It’s Good Friday. It’s cold in Wellington in a thin, dry, sunless sort of way. And, everything is fucking shut. We have ANZAC Day to look forward to. I like ANZAC Day. In fact I love ANZAC Day. I trundle down to the cenotaph at dawn in the cold and become warmly emotional remembering elderly relatives and brave countrymen who fought in the great wars. And, I feel patriotic. But be in no doubt the patriotism I feel does not extend to a love of government. This government is turning my waning oestrogen to vitriol.

This 5th National government rules by bureaucratic fiat. It’s not too far from a constitutional crisis. It’s running round sacking Councils, creating obese Czars and not listening to anyone who might know anything helpful. It is without proper advice from industry, commerce and critical stakeholders. Nat5’s approach to the Ultrafast Broadband initiative is a perturbing case in point. Vodafone, TelstraClear, CallPlus, Kordia/Orcon, 2 Degrees, Maori rural Broadband Initiative bidder Torotoro Waea and its partner Opto Networks, Federated Farmers, Consumer NZ, InternetNZ and TUANZ have joined to protest the potential monopoly created by Telecom’s advancement. Steven Joyce is not listening.

A quick glance around the House reveals with staggering clarity that the necessary knowledge and experience to know and decide absolutely everyfuckingthing for you and me cannot be found within the House. Even scant knowledge of the bureaucracy will tell you that appropriate experience and knowledge is not contained in there.

I can understand why there has been a strong reaction against the precious and costly over consultation of the 5th Labour administration, especially in relation to the RMA. But at the moment we have Minister’s Offices and entire Ministries completely disengaged from industry, commerce and other vital pools of knowledge that exist outside the bureaucracy and the Beehive. That didn’t used to happen under Lab5. Other preposterous pie eyed, bury-advice-in-an-avalanche-of-cluster-fucking over-consultation happened. But not this overweening-overconfident-I’ll keep-my-head-blindly-up-my-arrogant-ass sort of crap.

It’s creepy and it reminds me of Muldoon. Have a happy Easter.


Happy to support the Conservatives and their say no to AV campaign


Thursday 21 April 2011


Our guys are the good guys. The Taleban are the bad guys. The Taleban killed some of the good guys and they happen to have killed one of our best guys.

So our guys hunt and kill the bad guys so they dont kill any more of our best guys.

Its what our grandfathers and their fathers before us did to protect our nation and the oppressed in other lands. Its why, in increasing numbers, we commemorate ANZAC day.

We will remain ever proud of our army.


Ohh Cool! Labour launched a campaign, it was highjacked. They did something illegal. They claimed the law was an ass. The were forced to remove the signs. They looked silly. And in true Labour form they blame someone else for the failure of their poorly executed idea. But the people who took the piss didn't break the law. They didnt make a pigs arse of the campaign and they didnt blame someone else for their cock-up.

TV3 reports that they have had to remove their signs from the main road to Wainui.

And they blame it on some group called "Right Wing Bloggers"

Hail to the Whale and the Kiwi, the Hong Kong Queen of Mean and Keeping Stock.

Let the Game begin.

Wednesday 20 April 2011


We have had one eye on Labour rather juvenille Stop the Asset Sales campaign using a replica of the Stop sign used throughout the country.

However the whole campaign has been highjacked and is now a farce.

First the website could be easily manipulated and replica stop signs with anti labour messages were spawned on the site. They went viral in social media sites everywhere and the original Stop the Assets Sales site became a farce.

Next the campaign ran for a a couple of weeks with committed Labour Party types taking to the streets with there signs to promote their cause.

Sadly their actions are illegal. The signs are not permitted to be bastardised in anyway for very good reasons.

Labour has goofed in the worst way. They have lost control of the campaign and they broke the law.

A huge pinko failure of EPIC proportions. Well done Whaleoil, Kiwiblog and Keeping Stock. The VRWC lives on.


Peter Dunne is in the thrall of ground hunters. He is spitting vitriol over helicopter hunting of deer, chamois and tahr from Helicopters. He calls it barbaric and inhumane.

“For years helicopter operators have got away with this inhumane, barbaric practice and now DoC have not only legitimised it, but they have given it priority over other forms of recreation.”

“The real hypocrisy is that for wilderness areas such as the Adams, Hooker Landsborough and Olivines where other people are not even allowed fly-in access DoC has allowed heli-hunters an unprecedented right to use helicopters.”

His argument around helicopter access for all in remote areas is very valid but his claims that helicopter shooting is inhumane and barbaric are just fatuous and silly.

A helicopter doesnt kill the animals - a bullet does. Just as a bullet kills from a gun from a ground shooter.

Bullet enters animal - animal dies - not matter where it comes from.

The ground hunting industry is being very precious. Many large estate owners sell hunting rights to smaller blocks - in what is known in the trade as " paddock assassinations."

So it doesn't matter if you take a cut lunch and a compass or a cut lunch compass and a chopper - the result is the same - dead animals - in fact Helicopter hunting is far more efficient. Much of the territory that both the chamois and tahr occupy is hell in the hills. Even a skills tramper is going to have trouble accessing it.

What Mr Dunne is overlooking is that helicopter hunting brings in some serious dollars for New Zealand. People pay big money for the chance to ping off a big game beast from an aerial armchair.

And shooting from a chopper isn't easy. In fact it can be quite difficult - it requires a degree of skill and nerve by the pilot and shooter.

These animals are recognised as a resource now but the fact remains, their numbers need to be kept under control so more hunting is good. And helicopters have a serious part to play in keeping numbers down to a manageable level.

Shooters from choppers can also target the best trophies as well - and we wonder if its not a little jealousy on the part of the ground hunting lobby that is coming into play here.

There is no " ripoff" as everyone is paying their dues and there is a win - win in terms of animal management.

So Mr Dunne - we want to know - is you puffy posturing on this related in any way to donations you are getting from a small segment of the hunting community?

Tuesday 19 April 2011


We tried our hand at a tart tatin a few days ago. Sadly we didn't take a pic - it was a bloody beauty and came out like the photo above.

Anyway we used this recipe as a base.

3 Golden Delicious apples
1 tbs lemon juice 
1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
20g unsalted butter, chopped
Ready-rolled puff pastry sheet
Cream, to serve

1. Preheat oven to 220C (200C fan-forced)
2. Peel apples, cut into quarters, remove cores (cutting each quarter at the core so it has a "flat" side), and toss the quarters in a large bowl with the lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of the sugar.
3. Using a 20cm frying pan as a guide cut pastry into a round slightly larger than the pan, prick with a fork.
4. Melt  butter in a 20cm non-stick frypan over medium-high heat. Cover with the remaining sugar. Cook over medium-low heat, shaking pan occasionally to spread around any dark spots that appear, until a rich caramel forms.
5. Place apple quarters into pan, rounded side down, arranging them around pan. Cut remaining apple to fill gaps. Cook the apples over medium heat for about 10 minutes until caramel is bubbling up in the pan, shaking pan occasionally to prevent burnt spots.
6. Lay the pastry over the apples, tucking any protruding edges around edges of pan.
7. Place the pan in the oven, cook for about 25 minutes, or until the puff pastry has risen and cooked. The pastry should be dry and flaky. Stand tarte in pan for 10 minutes before carefully turning out onto a serving plate. Serve with cream. 

Its pretty easy  - the things we did different - we used a tablespoon of muscovado sugar and lemon juice and a damned good shake of mixed spice over granny smith apples.. They are really tart And off our tree and have never been sprayed .

We used the  40% less fat rolled pastry as well. No good reason to do that considering the apples are drowned in the caramel.

It came out really well. and the edges were just a little toffeeish.

Today we were at Kirkaldies  and they had a nice lady demonstrating some hugely expensive but divine cook ware which included a tart tatin pan in its line up. They had a tart tatin to try.. So with out being too gleeful..
Theirs was a distant also ran to the efforts of the hottest big breasted baker from Rangitumau. It was insipid compared to the glorious creation I served up to my mates.

I suggest if you are looking for a good wine  - try the Urlar Riesling. Its lemony tones will set off the tart wonderfully.


We have been mulling over the creepy familiarity we felt every time the face of Malcolm Chaston appeared in the media.

His brutal murder of Vanessa Pickering has shocked our Nation which, sadly is becoming numb to the sickening violence and brutality of far too many murders.

We have a deep loathing of White Power gangs. Theirs is a creed based purely on hate.

We knew some of Chastons associates well. They were a group of sullen, unbelieveably angry, insular boys to whom white power was a religion and they worshipped at the alter with all the fanaticism of suicide bombers.

One of the group mentioned in the article was Neihana Foster, yes a young angular faced Maori with a bigwhite chip on his shoulder who did time in Invercargill jail. And there is nothing that hates more than a young Maori who follows the religion of the Fourth Reich.

This group did the bidding of the white power gang which held dominance over the South Island at the time - The Road Knights.

But there was another young man who was in the thrall of Foster, and the white power rag tag bunch of haters , while he served time.

His name was Scott Watson.

Monday 18 April 2011


New Zealands Labour Party, facing the worst poll results in since 1996 will find no comfort in the latest polls from Australia. Gillard has led her party to its worst poll showing in 16 years.

Sucks to be a pinko.

Sunday 17 April 2011


Kent Baddeley sent Busted a recipe for all the mushrooms she has on her block. Should keep her entertained!

Friday 15 April 2011


We blogged yesterday on the powerful story brewing in Australia between Bess Price a rural Aboriginal woman who supported the state intervention aimed at increasing the social status of Aboriginal women and reducing sexual abuse.

Aboriginal academic Larissa Behrendt made a foul comment about Bess on twitter and the rage of Australia exploded. Behrendt is Labours little darling who is about to head a review on Aborigine education, a job that now looks in jeopardy.

Today Marcia Langton of the Australian sheds light on the growing differences between Aboriginal haves and the "have nots"

Thursday 14 April 2011


We reckon that this is the time we really need to sell our place- New Zealand. While Tourism New Zealand does a pretty good job - its time for the rest of New Zealand to start selling our story.

Early this morning we saw a tweet from the Wine Diva, a well known Canuck wine writer and tweeter.

Daenna van Mulligen has been tweeting for the last few weeks as she travelled around NZ chronicling her experiences . If we were writing about Wine full time - she would set the benchmark for use of social media and telling the story of wine in a fun way.

And she is a shining example of how we can get the "story" of New Zealand out through the "new media," online media, social media - what ever you want to call it.

Today we retweeted her wonderful take on NZ. She was glowing in her praise for New Zealand wine and Air New Zealand but she found pineapple lumps hard to swallow...

We have about 630 solid followers on Twitter and have got to the stage where twits with large audiences are following us. We loved what Thewinediva wrote about New Zealand. So we retweeted it. Then we checked on an online tool called Tweetreach later in the morning to see just how many people saw the story. Its a quick and dirty measure of how far your tweet goes. That single tweet went close to reaching 30,000 people in the space of a couple of hours.

We know that it only measures reach and not action and yes we have less than a thousand followers but handled right a tweet like that can suddenly be "heard" by a huge international audience. We know from the #hashtag #nzwine on twitter that it has been retweeted by thousands more people. So the reach of a positive article, if you have the right followers, is exponential.

For anyone who is a bit cynical about twitters ability to spread the word this is an example of how it works. Its like icing on a hot cake.

Thanks theWineDiva- you have showed us a small part of the future.

So New Zealand - get on board - lets sell ourselves to the world- it only takes 140 letters.


holy crap. The Hone Harawira chronicles are NZ famous for their vitriol and racist darts flying from all points on the political spectrum but if you really want to see political dog fighting at its worst you need to look across the Tasman. Strangely it appears its two aboriginals who differ on how Aboriginals should get their shit together who really scrape the invective barrel.

Its a very ugly yarn.

Wednesday 13 April 2011


Queenstown people are an odd lot. The town has its share of flash harrys and quick buck merchants but it seems the towns fathers are not keen on sex on the move.

The council has put in place rules that will stop prostitutes sell their wares from double decker buses.

One can only wonder how the buses were laid out - pardon the pun. The stairs would have been handy for a quick blowy. Would there be an " all aboard group grope option?

We think a big red bus is just the ticket for some random hanky panky - it just seems to fit in with Queenstowns tinsle town image..


A bloodless scientist in Aussie has done are very interesting thing. He has developed an index that assesses the worth of saving threatened and endangered species purely on fact and logic.

As a result the big lazy parrot we call the Kakapo is deemed not worth saving. That may well be true. Comalco has chucked a million dollars at the recovery programme for about 20 years so thats $20 m for starters and then its safe to assume DOC has stumped up the same amount so thats about $40million so far and what have we to show for it? Another 70 birds. Thats about $750k each.

Now don't get me wrong - Kakapo are the embodiment of innocence as we have blogged before and anyone who gets up close and personal to one cannot help but be affected by them.

However we have to fess. The mere smell of them sent our saliva glands into overdrive. They awoke some ancient Maori predilection for Parrot hangi.

Thats the problem with Kakapo - they are our forests village idiots. They never adapted. They cant fly their way out of trouble and the desire to breed is predicated on a seed that only flourishes every now and then.

Even so, we get the argument and a tool designed to triage the species that will best benefit from intervention is very useful.

However it does not take into account our nations love of charismatic fauna. If its cute we are more inclined to save it. The yellow eyed penguin is probably worthy of more resource but its an ugly bloody thing.
But small birds like the Black Robin take our fancy.

So while logic should dictate - it wont. Cute will always win the bucks and our verdant parrot will get all the love and attention it probably doesn't deserve.

Tuesday 12 April 2011


So the West Coast hard boy Damien O'Connor is a limpy.

He apologised. Okay it was a half hearted apology but it was still an apology.

So he is a loser. Not staunch, not principled, just pussy whipped by the gaggling gays who are probably just jealous of all the good looking frilly knickered bintys he scores.

Sad bastard. Hope he gets kicked out of the Good Bastard club


Dont back down.

You are our new political hero. You have shown courage and mettle. You have shown that you wont be cowered by titty waving feminazis and union thugs.

We though you were a crap Minister but we have always admired the way you stuck out your skinny neck to back up the good folks on the West Coast.

So stick this tune on your ipod as you head into caucus..

Dont back down... Every kiwi bloke and every sheila who loves and appreciates a good kiwi bloke is batting for you..

Monday 11 April 2011


The PM has given Greenpeace an overdue serve over their antics on the high seas as Petrobas, the Brazilian Mineral exploration company, has a squizz off the North East coast to see what lies beneath.

Greenpeace are claiming to be worried that Petrobras's exploration could lead to the same issue as BP faced off America.

Actually Greenpeace has worked out that this is a high profile issue and they can sell it worldwide as "big government that doesn't care up against poor natives who worry about their land."

It is such a compelling picture to those who will only get half the story.

Big Govt vs Brown people - it will have hearts bleeding around the planet. Its a media wet dream.

Sadly Te Whanau Apanui cant see that Greenpeace is exploiting them as the poster children for what will build into a world wide campaign. They are just pawns in the Greenpeace money making machine.

Truth is that Te Whanau Apanui have no more rights to the area Petrabas is mining as do Stewart Island Maori or a pakeha in Parnell.

We grew up with the Penrod Drilling rigs in our back yard in the 70's. They moored in Paterson inlet. No environmental damage at all.

There were jobs a plenty and Southlanders to this day are still waiting for the time when the technology catches up with the oil reserves buried deep on the Southern Ocean floor.

We have a personal stake in islands and land dotted around Stewart Island. Rakiura is still the place of our heart. But we would welcome oil exploration off Rakiura in fact we are on the record saying that we need to know what is actually on Stewart Island as well.

Thing is Greenpeace is in the mining game. - Mining the hysterical and the tree lovers emotions to see if they can come up with enough guilt that they can turn into gilt.

Greeenpeace is fully of people who like swanning around on the sea on daring do holidays paid for by poor mis-informed people who thing all big companies and governments are bad.

John Key has signalled he is going to send in the Navy to ensure that Petrobas can go about their business. The Government is in a catch 22 situation. If it does nothing - it risks losing a real opportunity to map the potential resource in the area.

If it does send in the navy it risks the issue going global.

Greenpeace will be laughing all the way to the bank.

What is needed is greater education around just what Petrobas is actually doing.

Our economic future is as insecure as it has probably ever been in our history. We need to know what resources we have. We need to weigh up the opportunities and the risks rationally.We cannot afford to close our eyes to any economic possibilities.

Greenpeace's doe eyed warriors are out on the streets again, wanting people to sign up to their cause. A cause that keeps many people on a permanent holiday. They do not add to economic growth and quite frankly it is very difficult to see just how much of the planet they actually "save."

So no doubt the haters and the wreckers will pepper this blog with crap about how we have never saved a bloody thing. - wrong. Our name is on the Head of Agreement for Rakiura Maori Land that ensured that 3000 ha of Stewart Island was never milled.

We were also instrumental along with many of our kith and kin, to ensure that the ecology of the muttonbird islands are protected for ever.

We have a very strong conservation ethic and have applied it in a practical way.

We have saved lots of shit and we are proud of it.

Greenpeace has little to show for its efforts apart from a lot of noise, considerable media coverage and a shitload of money in the bank. $60 million NZ in fact.

What has it saved in NZ? What has been its impact on the ecology of New Zealand?

The truth is two tenths of feck all.

We are proud to be served by a government that wants to ensure a money making outfit cloaked in faux environmental outrage does not prevent another outfit who are going about their lawful business.

If I was young and carefree, I would love the life of a modern day Greenpeace pirate - the ships are state of the art, you get to be the "good guy" - You get to be housed with a whole heap of other " passionate people" who will share your ideals. You are continually stroked by the Greenpeace mind machine so you feel like a hero. And your board and keep is all paid for and you dont have to worry about shaving your armpits or putting on lippy.

They only down side is you might have to eat a shit load of bean sprouts.

As for the Government response? Go hard. We cannot and should not ever allow activists and indeed terrorists stop people from going about their lawful business.


We have already blogged on what we see as a very dangerous development for Labour - the rise and rise of Andrew Little and his comrades - a flea bitten motley crew of die hard unionists, know for their strong arm tactics and crimson red philosophies.

Actually its got to be said - these unionists who have a huge influence on Little, are actually commie cuddlers.

So we think the Damien O'Connor is a wise and brave man. He has told Labour leaders to stick their party list up some well worn arses , as he believe its stacked with and by unionists and a " gaggle of gays"

Mr O'Connor said he stood aside because he did not trust the list ranking process. "Frankly, I didn't trust the system to give a straight-shooter a fair deal ... It is dominated by self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays."

He would not name individuals, but said he was disappointed the system did not deliver better results for rural and provincial candidates, such as himself, who were outside the party's power blocs.

"It does not truly represent the rank-and-file members and delivers a list that is not truly representative of those who vote Labour."

Damien used to flat with John Tamihere - so his verbal skills have been well honed during lengthy conversations over weetbix. So they share a loathing of power hungry, muff loving front bums
While O'Connor has never been a high fligher, and he was known as a particularly dithering Minister, he is a staunch supporter of the West Coast and sits so far to the right of Labour he would probably have found a comfy pozzy in National.

But he is right about Labours list - it has few stand out candidates, there are too many commie cuddlers for most Labour voting urban liberals and there are too many people of alternative sexual persuasions for the commie cuddlers.

Damien is well respected on the Coast and if he gets his shit together, and doesn't get sidetracked by some skinny bint in frilly knickers he might just snatch the seat off Chris Auchinvole.

As for Labour, they are being rooted , in the worst possible way, by that " gaggle of gays."

UPDATE - and Gonzo has squizz at what Labour might look like in the future..

Thursday 7 April 2011


Well we hinted at some issues within Maori Fish interests. Someone has laid down some pieces of the puzzle..

Anyone else out there who has more? Will iwi see the great Sealords deal skelatonised like a filleted Hoki?

Codename 'Mata' - concerted effort from some Maori fisheries 'leaders' to give the Japanese more fisheries assets for no greater control of Sealord. Here Nissui-san, please have some more of our assets... The relationship with Nissui has never delivered the promised benefits back to iwi and one wonders of the idiocy of those in control about this deal. Shane Jones will no doubt be in support though... Another nail in the coffin of the collective model. 2016 - give the assets back to iwi; many will lose them but at least it will be through their own incompetence, not the incompetence of a bunch of nobodys.
By Anonymous on WHY SUBSIDISE THE UBER WAKA? on 4/7/11



  • The Waka is actually a funkily designed pavilion that will seat 200 people and has room for a 1000.
  • It is made from the same materials as the Cloud Pavilion. A PVC Covered Frame – to ensure that it is portable.
  • Creative NZ funds both the Ballet and the Symphony orchestra to the tune of $4m a year.
  • The Waka is being built for less than $1 million
  • $1.1 million is for events and cultural performances and entertainment. Its funded from the Cultural Diplomacy fund. That Fund is normally used to “take” Nz Arts to the world – like subsidising the NZSO tour of China. All iwi will be invited to submit proposals.
  • As its the RWC 2011 year the funding is being spent in New Zealand because of the Foreigners who will come here.
  • The $1.1million for events at the Uber Waka pavillion will have to be applied for in the normal way for each performance.
  • But its been set aside for performances in and around the Waka.
  • And most of the Cultural Diplomacy fund is being used to fund other RWC projects around the country not on the Waka entertainment.
  • So we think that for a tourist they have some choices – food, fashion and industry in the Cloud and Maori Culture in the Uber Waka on the Auckland waterfront. We reckon there will be queues at the Waka and the Cloud. Similar structures are used around the world for Expo type events.

So what its not:

-A plastic canoe

-Something for only one iwi.




Well as taxpayers you subsidise the symphony orchestra and the ballet.

They are both a net burden on the taxpayer. People are saying the last big Maori cultural centre went bust. It did - probably because some skinny arsed pommy sheila wanted to showcase brown people.. And it was all too twee.

So to all those who say that NZ should not fund the waka. Well apply the same logic to the Ballet and the Symphony orchestra and chop their funding as well.

Orchestras and ballets are not unique to NZ. Maori are. They are a selling point for the country.

Will the Waka get tourists to come here - of course not. Will it get them to come again and have a longer lingering look. If its done right - yes.

Will it showcase something that is uniquely NZ? yes. Can it be used again? yes.

Each iwi has the chance to promote its region. I think that Ngai Tahu will be all over this opportunity as it gives them a unique spring board to promote their growing network of tourism ventures in the South Island.

Maori have the drive and passion to make this a success.

And can some journalist with a bit of time on their hands please ask Shane Jones to provide evidence of where he has added value to any Maori owned assets. He has always played with other peoples money. And we want to see the evidence where his "skills" have added value.
The kumara vine is awash with concern for the Maori fisheries enterprises.

Go on- have a look - ask some hard questions - there is definitely something fishy going on.

Wednesday 6 April 2011


A few people from time to time ask where to get interesting Maori news. We really like

Dont always agree with it but its good. And the site is going ahead in leaps and bounds


We suppose that there is no surprise that the fact a huge waka was to be built as part of the Rugby World Cup 2011 was greeted with derision from across the political spectrum. ACT, and Labour both hate it.
But it is Labours Shane Jones who is looking silliest.

He was first out of the block this morning claiming it belittled Maori. No he belittled Maori by showing that he was wanker who wanted the ratepayer to pay for his guilty little pleasures.

He called it a plastic waka. Its not. Its a grand showpiece for Maori culture. But the Government and the Maori Party were slow to react to the instant media storm he created. It has undoubtedly been the populist story of the day.

The Jones boy has harped on saying it is not " traditional." As a Ngai Tahu muttonbirder we have replaced kelp bags with plastic buckets to store our muttonbirds in. Traditions are not static. We build on what we learn.Traditions evolve. Poi are made out of all sorts of modern material theses days as are piu piu.

So his assertion that it fails for not being "traditional" are spurious.
Not sure where watching porn in a hotel room fits with Traditional Maori practices but maybe Jones Dalmation ancestors were voyeurs...

And perhaps if the Honourable member for the Far North goes in and out of the Uber Waka a few times he might find it is a pleasurable experience.

We think that the Uber Waka or ( Wakanui) is an inspired concept. Its a big idea. Its fun and it represents the pioneer spirit of Maori who travelled huge distances to call Aotearoa home. We are a people of the water. Its our playground, and its our food basket and Waka were the transport so what better way to transport visitors to the past to show our story. It is the very embodiment of modern thinking coupled with a nod to a rich past.

And $2 million is not a hell of a lot in the scheme of things. Especially if it offers Maori the chance to showcase their traditions old and new and offers the chance to develop work skills and jobs.

Maori own the tourism scene in Rotorua - may they give Auckland a shake up.

After all there are by our reckoning a fair few Maori in the All Black Team. They have adopted a traditional Haka as their own. The World Cup imagery is laced with a modern take on traditional Maori designs.

So to say that we shouldn't have something tied to the Rugby World cup that is uniquely Maori is just silly.

 Think about the possibilities of the Big Waka for jobs and for promotion of this country. Remember tourists come here to get a taste of the essential New Zealand - Not all of them will be able to make it onto a real Marae. So the Uber Waka has a place to play in whetting their appetite for more exposure to the many facets of our culture.

Anyway, we think that the Uber Waka is bloody fantastic. So everyone needs to take a bloody big deep breath.

Tuesday 5 April 2011


Crikey what is Keeping Stock playing at! - He kept the most juiciest salubrious new info at the end of his latest post on the Darren Hughes affair.

Apparently, according to Chris Trotter - in an interview with Larry Williams - Goff and King positions will be untenable following what he thinks will be more revelations yet to surface.

Andrew Little's buddies like Roger Middlemass, Calvin Fisher and Ray Bianchi and Helen Kelly.

Watch the Rise and Rise of Andrew Little.


Hone Harawira has become a treacherous despicable conniving twat.

We predict that he will not even hold onto his seat in the far North. Sue Bradford , her voice loaded with scorn on Radio Live this morning, made it clear that Hones new party was about Hone and she would have no part of it. Then again, this whole breakaway by Hone has always been about him.

We used to have a huge amount of respect for Hone - when it comes to good health, he practices what he preaches and he fought hard to ensure Maori got all the support they needed to sustain healthy lifestyles.

Now days Hone is all about supporting Hones lifestyle. He cannot work with anyone. So any party he forms will be doomed to failure. On so many levels Hones narcissism is far worse that Winston Peters. Hone believes that he and he alone can save "his" people. He doesn't understand that they are the masters of their own destiny - an understanding and philosophy that Sharples and Turia share.

While we understand the frustrations of the Maori Party with their traitorous brown neck drop kick, the best way to combat Hone is to utterly and completely ignore him. Give him no traction at all.

Going head to head gives him a platform. The Maori Party has earned the respect of most New Zealand because of the dignity with which they conduct themselves. We may not always agree with them but we admire them. The Maori Party should have, by now, developed a series of stories about their achievements to pepper pot in the media over the coming months. They need to set a vision for what they want post election. They need to stay staunch and stay true.

And by Rangi they should walk proud in the knowledge of what they have achieved.

If for no other reason that making the party a true political force that supports positive social change.

Fighting with Hone now only feeds the media appetites for a scrap - it deflect from all the good that has been done.

So to the Maori Party - you have a good chance to build on the things you have secured for Maori under Nationals leadership. You need to gently remind your people what you have done and what it means for them. You need to ask them, against the black cloud of a looming recession what are their priorities.

You need to lead. Do not look back. Leave that to Hone. Look forward. Hone has set himself apart from New Zealand. In contrast, the Maori Party can go proudly into this next election knowing that it is now firmly a part of New Zealand.