Thursday, 7 April 2011



  • The Waka is actually a funkily designed pavilion that will seat 200 people and has room for a 1000.
  • It is made from the same materials as the Cloud Pavilion. A PVC Covered Frame – to ensure that it is portable.
  • Creative NZ funds both the Ballet and the Symphony orchestra to the tune of $4m a year.
  • The Waka is being built for less than $1 million
  • $1.1 million is for events and cultural performances and entertainment. Its funded from the Cultural Diplomacy fund. That Fund is normally used to “take” Nz Arts to the world – like subsidising the NZSO tour of China. All iwi will be invited to submit proposals.
  • As its the RWC 2011 year the funding is being spent in New Zealand because of the Foreigners who will come here.
  • The $1.1million for events at the Uber Waka pavillion will have to be applied for in the normal way for each performance.
  • But its been set aside for performances in and around the Waka.
  • And most of the Cultural Diplomacy fund is being used to fund other RWC projects around the country not on the Waka entertainment.
  • So we think that for a tourist they have some choices – food, fashion and industry in the Cloud and Maori Culture in the Uber Waka on the Auckland waterfront. We reckon there will be queues at the Waka and the Cloud. Similar structures are used around the world for Expo type events.

So what its not:

-A plastic canoe

-Something for only one iwi.



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Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

What it IS, is an election year carrot to keep an iwi in Pita Sharples' electorate happy. And after all, wouldn't YOU be happy if the govt funded a structure and then GAVE it to you, at no charge? PRIME harbour frontage! No cost! Bring it on.
However, let's remember the last cultural performance venue in Auckland crashed, with "thousands of luminous spheres" and millions of debt. Surely if tourists want cultural-cringe shows, they'd just bus round Tamaki Drive to the marae?
This tacky tiki thing is both unnecessary and divisive.