Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Hone Harawira has become a treacherous despicable conniving twat.

We predict that he will not even hold onto his seat in the far North. Sue Bradford , her voice loaded with scorn on Radio Live this morning, made it clear that Hones new party was about Hone and she would have no part of it. Then again, this whole breakaway by Hone has always been about him.

We used to have a huge amount of respect for Hone - when it comes to good health, he practices what he preaches and he fought hard to ensure Maori got all the support they needed to sustain healthy lifestyles.

Now days Hone is all about supporting Hones lifestyle. He cannot work with anyone. So any party he forms will be doomed to failure. On so many levels Hones narcissism is far worse that Winston Peters. Hone believes that he and he alone can save "his" people. He doesn't understand that they are the masters of their own destiny - an understanding and philosophy that Sharples and Turia share.

While we understand the frustrations of the Maori Party with their traitorous brown neck drop kick, the best way to combat Hone is to utterly and completely ignore him. Give him no traction at all.

Going head to head gives him a platform. The Maori Party has earned the respect of most New Zealand because of the dignity with which they conduct themselves. We may not always agree with them but we admire them. The Maori Party should have, by now, developed a series of stories about their achievements to pepper pot in the media over the coming months. They need to set a vision for what they want post election. They need to stay staunch and stay true.

And by Rangi they should walk proud in the knowledge of what they have achieved.

If for no other reason that making the party a true political force that supports positive social change.

Fighting with Hone now only feeds the media appetites for a scrap - it deflect from all the good that has been done.

So to the Maori Party - you have a good chance to build on the things you have secured for Maori under Nationals leadership. You need to gently remind your people what you have done and what it means for them. You need to ask them, against the black cloud of a looming recession what are their priorities.

You need to lead. Do not look back. Leave that to Hone. Look forward. Hone has set himself apart from New Zealand. In contrast, the Maori Party can go proudly into this next election knowing that it is now firmly a part of New Zealand.


Marty Mars said...

The maori party insistance on supporting and voting for racist and discriminatory legislation against maori will be the yardstick that will measure them.

Hone's game is empowerment of maori - I don't suppose the maori party will play that game - too hard - might upset their mates.

Anonymous said...

all very well listing what the Maori Party has achieved but its the thing they have not achieved that weighs heavy on the mind of many. There is also a growing number of disgruntled supporters in the north who feel the Maori Party didn't just remove Hone they actually removed hem simply for living in the Taitokerau area. We have no Maori Party representation at the moment or were they always going to... or looking to... renege on their deal. They seem to do a bit of that these days... hmmm

jabba said...

that's why I suggested his new party should be called the M&M party .. me and mum because that's he is about

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

I rather like the name 'The Bro-dy Bunch'! And Mum can play "Alice".