Saturday, 23 April 2011

Around the World at Easter

Posted by Lambcut.

The US is to begin drone strikes on Libyan targets. Games without frontiers war without tears.

Your iPhone knows where you are and it can tell other people, like the IRD, the Police and your spouse’s divorce lawyer.

24 people had themselves nailed to crosses in the Philippines, to demonstrate their Christian love.

Live on Italian TV, a little girl asked Pope Benedict to explain the suffering caused by the Japanese tsunami. Poor old Bene the Rat was buggered if he knew about that.

In Israel yesterday, WikiLeaks revealed that whilst in opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu tried to make Ehud Olmert attack Iran. Benjamin is Prime Minister now. Watch out Iran.

And in the UK, Kate Middleton’s face was found on a jelly bean. It’s a good likeness too.

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jabba said...

so does the jellybean look like Kate or does Kate look like a jellybean?