Monday, 4 April 2011


We are feeling a little sorry for Judith Tizard. Its clear that she is a political nigel no mates.

Goff, grinding his teeth, and described by Tizard as  "chewing dead rats "  - welcomed her back.

No-one in the Labour caucus has openly stood up and defended Judith thats how unloved she is.

But is Tizard letting go? No - she is going to be Chris Carters disaffected out of parliament twinny. She is going to take every opportunity to have a crack at Goff until he has gone. She is the woman that the media, hungry to expose dissent, will go to for a 15 sec sound bite. So the shit slinging will continue unabated. It also means bloggers will continue to highlight her musings, proclamations and general Labour insider gossip and so the circle goes.

However, her last comments about Goffs leadership and factionalisation surely must put her in the same camp as Carter in terms of gross party disloyalty.

It okay to fight tooth and nail for change within the party but to do it publicly ? Its tantamount to political treason. The new incoming Labour Party president , the affable Moira Coatsworth, needs to show some steel and toss her out of the party.

Or otherwise everything that Judith has been saying re the factionalisation and Goff's leadership will gain credence without any party denial.

Tough call to sever a long term party relationship with the Tizard clan but can Labour afford to do anything else?

We think not.

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Anonymous said...

Or Labour could just follow the advice you give to the Maori Party in your next post, and ignore Tizard, like you say the Maori Party should ignore Hone.

Tizard has nothing new to say - just that she hates Goff - and the more the media repeat her comments the worse she looks, and by reflection, the better Labour and Goff look. Statesmanlike silence is called for here.

With the contradictory political advice you're giving, are you sure you're not advising Goff on the sly?