Monday, 11 April 2011


We have already blogged on what we see as a very dangerous development for Labour - the rise and rise of Andrew Little and his comrades - a flea bitten motley crew of die hard unionists, know for their strong arm tactics and crimson red philosophies.

Actually its got to be said - these unionists who have a huge influence on Little, are actually commie cuddlers.

So we think the Damien O'Connor is a wise and brave man. He has told Labour leaders to stick their party list up some well worn arses , as he believe its stacked with and by unionists and a " gaggle of gays"

Mr O'Connor said he stood aside because he did not trust the list ranking process. "Frankly, I didn't trust the system to give a straight-shooter a fair deal ... It is dominated by self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays."

He would not name individuals, but said he was disappointed the system did not deliver better results for rural and provincial candidates, such as himself, who were outside the party's power blocs.

"It does not truly represent the rank-and-file members and delivers a list that is not truly representative of those who vote Labour."

Damien used to flat with John Tamihere - so his verbal skills have been well honed during lengthy conversations over weetbix. So they share a loathing of power hungry, muff loving front bums
While O'Connor has never been a high fligher, and he was known as a particularly dithering Minister, he is a staunch supporter of the West Coast and sits so far to the right of Labour he would probably have found a comfy pozzy in National.

But he is right about Labours list - it has few stand out candidates, there are too many commie cuddlers for most Labour voting urban liberals and there are too many people of alternative sexual persuasions for the commie cuddlers.

Damien is well respected on the Coast and if he gets his shit together, and doesn't get sidetracked by some skinny bint in frilly knickers he might just snatch the seat off Chris Auchinvole.

As for Labour, they are being rooted , in the worst possible way, by that " gaggle of gays."

UPDATE - and Gonzo has squizz at what Labour might look like in the future..

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Doug said...

Nice turn of phrase Brunette you write so well. So is “Labour a Party of Bums”.