Sunday, 24 April 2011


We were very heartened to hear that Matt McCarten is looking to stare at us over the political ramparts for a while longer.

Matt, like us, has mates across the political spectrum and it was from one of them that we heard that the cherubic faced unionist was facing a grim prognosis on the cancer front.

A few months later we met him and a few other celebs in the Chapel Bar in Auckland.

We got to yacking, as you do, and found we had quite a few common friends, as is often the case in our little country.

So today we were delighted to read his column and find out that he has upped the odds on surviving cancer for a while yet.

McCarten is a unionist and politician we admire. He is committed, a gentleman, a fine tactician and loyal to his mates no matter what their beliefs.

His politics are not ours - in fact we are diametrically opposed in the way we think we can change the world and make it better

Anyway, McCarten is the best type of political enemy, one we can respect. And we need him to be operating on all cylinders this year otherwise it will be no bloody fun at all.

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jabba said...

what a great line at the end about loving your enemies .. have never heard that one before