Wednesday, 20 April 2011


We have had one eye on Labour rather juvenille Stop the Asset Sales campaign using a replica of the Stop sign used throughout the country.

However the whole campaign has been highjacked and is now a farce.

First the website could be easily manipulated and replica stop signs with anti labour messages were spawned on the site. They went viral in social media sites everywhere and the original Stop the Assets Sales site became a farce.

Next the campaign ran for a a couple of weeks with committed Labour Party types taking to the streets with there signs to promote their cause.

Sadly their actions are illegal. The signs are not permitted to be bastardised in anyway for very good reasons.

Labour has goofed in the worst way. They have lost control of the campaign and they broke the law.

A huge pinko failure of EPIC proportions. Well done Whaleoil, Kiwiblog and Keeping Stock. The VRWC lives on.

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