Thursday, 21 April 2011


Ohh Cool! Labour launched a campaign, it was highjacked. They did something illegal. They claimed the law was an ass. The were forced to remove the signs. They looked silly. And in true Labour form they blame someone else for the failure of their poorly executed idea. But the people who took the piss didn't break the law. They didnt make a pigs arse of the campaign and they didnt blame someone else for their cock-up.

TV3 reports that they have had to remove their signs from the main road to Wainui.

And they blame it on some group called "Right Wing Bloggers"

Hail to the Whale and the Kiwi, the Hong Kong Queen of Mean and Keeping Stock.

Let the Game begin.


jabba said...

some bloke, Matt, is saying that the asset sales are to pay for the Americas Cup .. I set him up a beauty

Keeping Stock said...

Huge fail for Labour; you almost have to feel sorry for the poor buggers!