Tuesday, 19 April 2011


We have been mulling over the creepy familiarity we felt every time the face of Malcolm Chaston appeared in the media.

His brutal murder of Vanessa Pickering has shocked our Nation which, sadly is becoming numb to the sickening violence and brutality of far too many murders.

We have a deep loathing of White Power gangs. Theirs is a creed based purely on hate.

We knew some of Chastons associates well. They were a group of sullen, unbelieveably angry, insular boys to whom white power was a religion and they worshipped at the alter with all the fanaticism of suicide bombers.

One of the group mentioned in the article was Neihana Foster, yes a young angular faced Maori with a bigwhite chip on his shoulder who did time in Invercargill jail. And there is nothing that hates more than a young Maori who follows the religion of the Fourth Reich.

This group did the bidding of the white power gang which held dominance over the South Island at the time - The Road Knights.

But there was another young man who was in the thrall of Foster, and the white power rag tag bunch of haters , while he served time.

His name was Scott Watson.

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