Wednesday 30 June 2010


Well well , thats bad news...... Howard Broad aint seeking another term.. Sad .. Really sad.... We are serious. It really is sad. Really...


Wow big news .. We love spuds. They are New Zealands favourite vege. We also hate Brussell Sprouts.. And Southlanders like their swedes.

So if you like spuds you might like to purchase the "love spud" a curiously shaped tater on trademe.


Something is happening over at RNZ. Now its sad that Sean Plunket has signalled his stage exit left. ( wow he has his own Wiki page)

Anyway, ever since he announced he was leaving, the show has picked up the pace. The last few weeks have been vintage Plunket. but its not just him who has changed. There is a new rhythm to the show. And it is really working over the big stories - coming at them from all angles and its taking no prisoners. The Te Kau Maori export funding debacle and the Prison Smoking stories were really well handled.

Are we, on the eve of the country's best interviewer departure finally seeing some real value for the taxpayers dollar?

We hope so.

So who are our picks in the race to take over from Plunket?

Mary Wilson - no light and dark - just hiss.
Julian Roberts - worth a trial
Noelle McCarthy - fun but lacking the intellectual grunt.
Kathryn Ryan - Not enough balls to roger repeat offenders
Todd Nyall - all light, no dark no hiss.
Shane Taurima - He'd be a maiden run but the boys got the moves.
Marcus Lush Too quirky
Finlay McDonald? - he only interviews himself.
Wallace Chapman - great but too irreverent.

Hard shoes to fill.. But we hope, for the sake of slaking our early morning thirst for good news and info, that RNZ has a succession plan..


The Beaujolais orphans have found a new home.. We are all in heaven. It's little, out of the way ( so the boss will have a bloody hard job finding you, unless you are of course with the boss), a bit smoky, foods better than good and wont break the bank, wine list is great, its warm, stylish and comfy...We have made it ours.

So for all of the out of towners who are missing the " Boj" email us and we will let you know where to go....

We also had occasion to dine at the splendid Foxglove the other nite... We had been invited to the opening but sadly were in the Wairarapa. The guys who own Foxglove also own the Matterhorn and its clear they know what they are doing. They have turned a cold, uninviting, badly run barn of a pub called the Loaded Hog - that was legend for its crap food, into what we think will become a very popular top end restaurant. It is all class and no pretensions.
We had the duck - sticky, salty and delightful moist and melty it was. (gosh that almost sounds rude). We love the decor - a bank of ferns grace the wall at the entrance. The little cosy Window on the Waterfront dining room is fab. It really is a great addition to the Wellington Harbour eateries. We will be back .

We have also heard that the Dockside has undergone a bit of a facelift. We haven't been there for months because we decided that the food was mediocre and didn't match the exorbitant prices. And apparently there has been some sort of change in ownership.

We also note that some of the prices have been reduced.

So we will be off to have a visit soon to see if it has improved.

We are also pleased to report that the Green Parrot food is still pretty damn good. Mind you after a great night of carousing one wonders if it is possible to be a good judge of the quality of the nosh. But the flounder was a stunner - well we think it was.

And the place is always spotless - including the toilets. We like that in a restaurant. Well BustedBlonde did.....

Monday 28 June 2010


This will simply effect one of the greatest social changes we have ever seen. Non smoking jails.

''Prisoners with alcohol and drug addictions have to deal with it. We don't offer alcohol to prisoners with alcohol addictions or P to prisoners with methamphetamine addictions. This is a prison, it's not a home.''

Absolutely and prison officers are there to deal with prisoners. So all that is needed is plenty of support for inmates and officers to kick the habit.

Nuff said.

Sunday 27 June 2010


We are delighted to see that the Minister of Corrections is giving some serious thought to making prisons smoke free. Its an excellent idea that has been a long time coming.
It appears that the liability for any smoking related illnesses among prison officers is one of the reasons.

Department of Corrections bosses found taxpayers could be liable for lawsuits from prison guards exposed to inmates' second-hand smoke.

The potential threat of legal action was heightened after the Government's decision to "double bunk" inmates in a single cell, raising the possibility of non-smoking prisoners suing the Government for being housed with smoking inmates.

The dangers of legal action were found after Collins instructed Corrections staff to investigate a ban, and its success rates overseas.

They found tobacco was used as currency inside prison and was the cause of disputes. Further reasons for the ban included the use of cigarette lighters and matches to melt plastic into which blades could be embedded, turning cell possessions into weapons.

While some would say that taking cigarettes off inmates could lead to riots - we are sure that if the programme is introduced in the right way with plenty of support for both inmates and officers to give up them the potential for violence will be lessened.

So well done Judith...


Bummer - we thought that Hosea Gear would have been a shoo in for the Tri Nations.... However we are pleased to see his inspirational Maori team captain Liam Messam up for a run.


This week Maori publisher and commentator Derek Fox says in his weekly column in the Cook Island paper that its time there was more support for the Maori Rugby team

We think he is right and after the three crowd pleasing centennial matches, sponsors must see them as hot property.

Sealords can gain a lot from the partnership with the Maori team and there will be other Maori companies who must see their potential. And as Derek rightly puts it if the Rugby Union doesn't wake up to the opportunity , they may lose the crowd pleasing ass wooping boys and the money they must bring in.

Moe time over

The All Whites days under the African sun have ended; and despite the over-the-top, silly and repetitious clichés used by the New Zealand media to describe them – their efforts were nonetheless truly gallant and well worthy of the highest admiration.

Back home Maori exponents of a game I’m more familiar with have shown skill and pluck too, and played three games of rugby, which they actually won. I’m talking about the Maori All Blacks who have just completed a three match series to celebrate a century of Maori rugby. In fact the one hundred years only marks the first time that the Rugby Union pulled together a Maori side in Rotorua in 1910; genuine followers of rugby will know of the 1888 New Zealand Natives team that played 108 games in this country, Australia, Egypt and the UK in 1888 and 1889. They toured for 14 months, won 80, lost 23 and drew five.

The 2010 Maori team has lived up to the proud record that previous Maori teams have left for them to follow, despite the paucity of support from the Rugby Union over the years. Even this three match series seemed ill organised. At first the rumour was that there would be three internationals against Wales, Ireland and England; but the Welsh team pulled out and a New Zealand Barbarians team was put in its place. The series only went ahead because Maori money propped it up with the Ministry of Maori Development putting in 200-thousand-dollars; and the Sealord fishing company putting in an obviously larger, but undisclosed amount, thus becoming the series sponsor.

The Maori team with a brand new coach – former Maori and New Zealand All Black Jamie Joseph - began the series a little shakily in Whangarei against the Baabaas, but won a seesaw match with a spectacular last minute try. In Rotorua they got away to a spectacular start then had a bit of a moe in the middle allowing the Irish to kick a few penalties and keep in touch. Then they woke up and played on to win.

England fresh from beating Australia was always going to be the toughest opposition and the game in Napier last Wednesday night turned into a cracker. This time the Maori had an early moe and were 13 points down before showing their impressive firepower, springing back with a quick ten points. Their open style game can also be high risk and after an intercept and try, England went into the lead 28 – 17 at the break. A mate of mine having a mimi at half time met a Pom who indicated the Maori were finished.

But he was wrong.

The final score was 35 – 28, three games and three wins. Like the young All Whites, the young Maori players now know they can foot it with the best players of other countries.

The individual All Whites and their coach will no doubt have tasty contracts dangled in front of them over the next little while.

But what of the Maori All Blacks whose flair and dash drew the crowds.

No one knows when the Rugby Union will deign to gather a Maori team again – they didn’t last year.

Maori might have to do it themselves – like they did in 1888-89. It seems Sealords might be in it for the long haul, and maybe with other Maori owned corporates will pull a team together to play here and overseas.

Overwhelmingly the crowds who watched the series were Pakeha. They came because they know that whenever a Maori team takes to the paddock, something special could happen, like last Wednesday night.

But if Maori have to fund these games themselves, then who should own the brand and collect the gate?

Maybe the Rugby Union needs to wake up from its moe.

Saturday 26 June 2010


And get the fellas to bring some guitars.. The days of this sort of extravagance that's being planned for the Auckland Councils are well gone.

Thursday 24 June 2010


We understand that the power base within Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu has shifted. Mark Solomon, in the past, has been able to count on a 50/50 split - nine members on his side - nine against. His casting vote has always given him the power. There are some new faces at the table now and the numbers have shifted. So Solomon doesn't have the numbers any more.

The next few months are going to prove very challenging for the tribe.


Well ya just would, wouldn't you.....

Monday 21 June 2010


I always enjoy reading the Dominion in the mornings while waiting on my morning takeaway coffee from a little cafe called Mixed Business which is just north of Bordeaux Bakery on the Terrace. It is the favourite place for many Terrace Worriers.

Anyway, the young barista there is a pleasure to deal with. She remembers your name and your order and always has a smile for her customers.

This morning as I was propped up at the bench reading the paper, some young fellas started to talk about mining and how terrible it was. Anyway the aproned coffee maestro-ess gave them a verbal biffing.
Mining was a good thing she told them - the economy needed it and there was wayyy too many lies being told about the size of the holes, she lectured. Actually the only big holes were the gobs of the two young fellas as their jaws dropped in the face of the assault they got from the coffee queen.

She was polite but strident. We like that in a chick.

The boys, full of derision, tried to take her down with some puerile insults so we came to her aid. (not that she needed much. )
" She is right - the Greenies are spreading waay too much false crap - we are not going to be facing big huge holes" everywhere," we told them.
The surliest of the two young fellas then suggested that perhaps I also believed in the tooth fairy..
I suggested that he was the one who was being taken for a ride and gave him my best withering stare and he kinda melted like gold from the Martha Mine.

Anyway , the Barista from Mixed business was still bantering with them when I left.

So if you are in town or in need of a caffeine fix - head to Mixed Business.. Its our kinda place.

The Gardener Stops Digging

The American Gardener has decided to move onto other fields and will no longer be blogging at Roarprawn. It has been fun but it is time to move on.

Sunday 20 June 2010


Maori commentator and publisher Derek Fox has a new column in the Cook Islands but it deserves another airing.

We don't agree with everything he says - ( that often makes having a drink with him a stimulating and interesting occasion) but his thoughts need a wider audience.

Here is the Cook Island column in full .

Still looking for justice
Last week I foreshadowed that I might this week talk about the Foreshore and Seabed debate here in Aotearoa. I indicated that while what MPs used their ministerial credit cards for was gaining all the headlines, the big story of the week should really have been the foreshore and seabed – and I still believe that.
It’s important for a number of reasons. Firstly it is/was a pivotal issue and cornerstone of the support agreement between National and the Maori Party; and secondly it’s one of those flax root debates between Maori and Pakeha which we need to get right – and so far we haven’t – if there is to be a peaceful path forward in this country.
It’s also important because we are at the halfway stage in the political game we call this parliamentary term, and the Maori Party doesn’t have too many meaningful points on the board as we head down now to the next general election.
The foreshore and seabed debate is about property and legal rights – something you’d think the National Party would be solid on. It’s not about access to the country’s beaches - that right – within reason – is beyond doubt.
But National is no keener than Labour to see Maori retain any of their traditional and customary rights developed over the centuries we occupied these islands prior to the arrival of the Pakeha. And that tells me this is a Maori Pakeha issue not one about law and justice and people’s inherent rights. Labour even took away the right of Maori to go to court to see if we had a right – National will restore that but will so tightly prescribe how that right may be determined that it will all but be negated.

So the foreshore and seabed that my tipuna held sway over as a result of hundreds of years of co-existence with our iwi neighbours, will be taken away by the government. On the other hand 12 and a half thousand separate parcels of foreshore and seabed – overwhelmingly held by Pakeha - which have somehow passed into ‘freehold’ title -will be sacrosanct. You won’t be able to go to those beaches and have a swim or a barbie, certainly not without permission and maybe a fee?
So once again it is Maori who have their rights legislated away.
Labour and now National both claim that one of their reasons for moving in this way is to ‘protect’ the foreshore and seabed from sale – nothing would give it greater protection that customary title - after all it’s endured for a thousand years until now.
Another looming punch-up in this process is the hoops that Maori will have to jump through to establish their limited customary right. They will be required to show ‘exclusive and continuous use and occupation’ of their foreshore and seabed rohe. If the land has been subdivided that test will fall down. But what if the only reason that hasn’t occurred is because a previous pakeha government stole the land or it was acquired by some other Treaty breach?
John Key last week joined Helen Clark in showing that he too is not able to treat fairly and justly and in good faith with Maori, the pull of his blood and the baying of his supporters is too strong.

While Fox has some harsh words for the government we think that after listening to Chris Finlayson this morning on Q and A , we are more confident that the agreement provides a good framework to allow Maori to exercise their customary rights.

We, in particular, are expecting Ngai Tahu to lodge a claim get title for the former crown muttonbird (titi) islands which are now under the guardinaship of a Trust. And the beneficial owners of the other titi ( privately owned ) islands will also be able to make a claim for theirs.

There is also a fair bet that the Waitutu and Rakiura Maori Lands Trusts will also be taking a close look at the new rules as there will be some expectation they will have a good claim as well.

Interesting times ahead.


Oh dear...

Just as we were prompting Tau Henare  to start thinking about running for Te Atatu if Goff decides to sack Carter, he has a medical emergency
From his facebook.....

Well at 2ish this morning I had a wee heart attack. Yip that's right. freakiest thing in the whole world. anyway, all is good they put a stent into my artery and hey presto all good on the pumping blood score. Rest and Recuperation. Don't Panic whanau and don't Jump for Joy either.

We wish the big bugger all the best. We talked to him the other day and he was committed to losing weight and giving up the fags. Te Atatu needs him. 


Bet Phil Goff had a serious case of indigestion after reading the Sunday Star Times this morning.

He is now in an untenable position after the Sunday Star Times has revealed that Chris Carter sought the advice from ex PM Helen Clark on returning to parliament.
So he has decided on the strength of a wee korero with her to head back to work in Wellington.

ERRANT WEST AUCKLAND MP Chris Carter last night broke his silence, saying he was returning to parliament, having taken advice from the party's former head, Helen Clark.

Last week Labour leader Phil Goff told Carter to head home to think about his future, after his refusal to front to media and apologise for using his ministerial credit card to buy flowers and massages.

Goff said Carter, MP for Te Atatu, had failed to express contrition and forced him to apologise unreservedly.

Yip, so now he tells us all that he has sough the advice of Aunty Helen about the situation he had got himself in due to his arrogance and overblown sense of entitlement.

And by association she has now shown that she sees no wrong doing among any of her former troughing Ministers.

It is clear that Carter has respect for Clark but none for Goff. Carter also indicates that he is not sorry. He shows no contrition. He displays all the characteristics of a narcissist..

So Goff now has no choice. He will have to cut him loose.

When the Sunday Star-Times asked Carter if he felt pressured into apologising, he replied: "I think that, ah, ah, we had discussions around it, of course. I think I needed time to reflect on it. When you are shoved into a corridor with a whole lot of journalists who have been waiting three-and-a-half hours to interview you... it wasn't very conducive to clear thinking."

Carter said: "We could argue the rights and wrongs of whether I've done anything wrong. The only personal items were two bunches of flowers that a staff member sent on their card, and all ministerial travel was signed off."

He said the apology was given "because you have to think about what is good for the Labour Party".

And at the end of the day the country's sickliest political fruit cake is a stranger to the truth. And he has no political antennae if he agrees to be questioned at length by the Sunday Star Times on such tricky issues.

Carter was embarrassed again last week when it was revealed he promised exclusive interviews to both TV3 and TV One. "I guess I just wanted to be nice. It's called PR, that's what politicians do."

So Goff, to ensure any semblance of respect, will have to cut him lose and do it quickly.So there will have to be a by election in Te Atatu. That means Nationals Tau Henare will have to step up to the plate. Thats good - Tau looks to us to be as ready as he ever would be to take back Te Atatu.

Thursday 17 June 2010


We don't really give a rats arse about Auckland politics. But the battle for super city supremacy has us enthralled. Len Brown's troughing including a Christmas ham is now the stuff of legend as is this bizarre performance - a mixture of arrogance , contrition, evangelism and pure melodrama had us in stitches.
Now he is saying the chest beating face slapping gesture was a Maori way of saying come talk to me face to face. What a load of kuri bollocks.

Its not. Len Brown is a just weird white try hard.

However, we think he has a future in God bothering.

Wednesday 16 June 2010


Tonight we joined the ranks of wine wankers with pride. We were at a wonderful wine tasting and dinner at Ortegas Fish Shack and Bar where 22 of us were served up an amazing array of superb, interesting and innovative food matched with wine from the South - Olssens Vineyard of Bannockburn and from the North - Murdoch James from Martinborough.

We were in the company of serious wine buffs including the affable and knowledgeable wine writer John Saker.

The food was interesting , innovative, well balanced and fresh. Our favourite of the five courses was the slow roasted pork belly with truffled lentils and cabbage, sauteed mushrooms and pinot noir gravy...

It was matched with the Murdoch James Martinborough Pinot Noir 2008 and the Olssens Nipple Hill Pinot Noir 2009. It was best with the Murdoch James, the Nipple Hill was just a little youthful.

Anyway there was a blind tasting and we won. Woohoo - we guessed the region and wine and the age.. It was a no brainer - How can one ever forget the richness of the bold savoury Olssens Slapjack Creek?

So we got to take home a loverly bottle of Slapjack Creek Pinot Noir and a wine tasting tour for 4 for our good nose and palate. Yum.

While we have always been a fan of Olssens wines , tonight we were introduced to the sophistication and complexity of Murdoch James superb wine. Our favorite has to be their Syrah. It's worth buying a bottle or two.

Thanks to the hosts , Heather from Olssens and Roger from Murdoch James. They prove that passion is the most important ingredient to making great wine.


Cop this wee gem among commenters at Kiwiblog who are trawling through the ministerial receipts.....

krazykiwi (5588) Says:

Judith Tizard takes 3 staff to The Thistle Inn for a ‘Performance Assessment’

No wonder Goff is willing to deep throat dead rats Carter and Jones if Tizard is the result of either of them departing the round house....


Tuesday 15 June 2010


Whale Oils best effort yet.. Total piss take of Reynolds and XT advert...

Its brilliant!

we bow to the whale......

Monday 14 June 2010


Finally we have a Prime Minister who can lead a government made up of different parties to find solutions to the most vexing of issues.

The Foreshore and Seabed Act had the potential to divide our nation. It laid waste to decades of Maori support for Labour. It gave birth to the Maori Party.

Key and Finlayson, by working with Maori have devised a plan that meets the aims of all parties and will bring our nation together. It will also cement Maori support for the National Government for some time to come.

Its restores the path for Maori to seek a customary right to land for which they believe they have a legitimate claim , it restores Mana and it protects public access.

We all gasped when we heard the silly demands of Ngai Tahu's Mark Solomon - a few days later we breathed again when it heard the quiet and calm voice of unification and reason of Api Mahuika- a true Ariki.

So now we have an historic deal that unites - born out of a blend of vision and pragmatism that Key , Finlayson and a core of Maori leaders should be proud of.


While the focus is on the demotion of Jones Carter and Ririnui we can report that a former Labour politician is carving out a new career in the real world. Mark Peck was a good constituent MP for Southland and latterly was the Director of the Smokefree Coalition.

However, he is now the proprietor of a new cafe ( well an old cafe with a new name ) called Little Peckish.

Now Mark is - errr vertically challenged so the name is a delightful pisstake. Food looks good too. We are wondering after serving Southland for so long if he he will offer up Southland's favourite morning tea filler - the cheese roll.

He was a unionist for quite some time and we expect that being an employer and a capitalist will be an interesting progression on his way to be a better man.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Cactus Kate falls down a hole

Cactus Kate gets predictably incensed with a hapu chairman who wants to tax all residents within the Ngapuhi region to support Ngaupuhi economic development.
Some old idiot with a European name who needs to be put in a rest home states:

Matarahurahu hapu chairman D***d R****n said the proposed flat tax rate, which would be administered by the Inland Revenue Department, would "pull Ngapuhi out of a depressed state" and ultimately benefit the entire region.

He wants a NINE percent tax for "economic development".
Cactus Kate

I can see her sitting in her apartment in her PJ's, shouting into her MacBook Pro and banging away a terse blog post. Given that the colleagues of the hapu chairman don't think much of his plan, she is probably getting incensed for nothing.

However, there had also been "one or two" members of the Ngapuhi Runanga, who administer the claim, who expressed their strong opposition and threatened to bar Mr Rankin from speaking at Waitangi Tribunal hearings.
NZ Herald

These kind of ideas and people don't deserve anymore air time than necessary which is why I have starred out his name. All Cactus has done is to increase his Google power.

Audi research green light to give global warming red light

Auckland Trains is one of my regular reads.

With hidden noise

Something that has consistently amused me about some bloggers is their disparaging comments about the professional media i.e. newspapers , television and radio. What I find amusing is that while calling "reporters" "repeaters" and labeling them the "lame stream media" they happily cut and paste from mainstream online articles for their blog posts.

While some amateur bloggers do publish the occasional piece of original research, in the main their blog posts are a cut and paste from a professional news site, then annotated with a couple of sentences of opinion. While the opinions are something you will never read in the mainstream media, they rely completely on research that is carried out and paid for by the professional organisation. I am sure that the readers are more than capable of coming up with their own opinions and don't need to be fed them by amateur bloggers.

Given the huge amount of content already published online and the large number of words being published every day it seems almost pointless to write & publish anything original online oneself. The best one can do is to selectively comb the web for content that can be collaged into something that goes beyond the original meanings of the source material.

There is no shame in creating a collage of ready made content, just don't pretend it is anything else.

Mostly harmless

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s great cause is women’s liberation. Unfortunately for her, the women she wants to liberate are Muslim, so she gets minimal support and indeed a ton of hostility from Western feminists who have reconciled themselves, consciously or otherwise, to the two-tier sisterhood: when it comes to clitoridectomies, forced marriages, honour killings, etc., multiculturalism trumps feminism.

Would you be doing that with a price on your head? Or would you duck out of sight, lie low, change your name, move to New Zealand, and hope one day to get your life back?

Saturday 12 June 2010

CAT astrophe


We have just been given a heads up on a little crisis that is facing Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu. Apparently someone has leaked details of the payroll. With the public response to troughing MP's it will be interesting to see how this info will be treated by Ngai Tahu rank and file. While we are not really interested on who is earning what ( ok we are) We are keen to see greater light shed on the use of expenses. We would also like to see the same transparency that is now applied to politicians be applied to all Ngai Tahu politicians - those elected representatives sitting around the table and we would also like to see the same transparency applied to all the senior staffers at Te Runanga.

We don't expect them to share that information with the rest of New Zealand but we do expect that the new growing appetite for transparency in our community means that Ngai Tahu beneficiaries will get to see what is happening to their money.

Here is a copy of the letter that has been sent out to all the runanga ( local tribal councils) re the big leak....

Tēnā koutou katoa

In recent hours we have been informed that private employee information has been sent to at least two Papatipu Rūnanga. We understand the information relates to employees across the Te Rūnanga Group and was received anonymously by the two Rūnanga who immediately contacted the Office.

The disclosure of this information has not been authorised and represents a gross breach of confidentiality. The disclosure of this information exposes the Te Rūnanga Group, the person who released it and anyone who passes the information on to potential legal sanctions.

This matter will be fully investigated and in the meantime if you receive any private information relating to Te Rūnanga Group staff members can you please ensure the information is not disclosed or circulated to anyone else and contact Justine Whitaker on ph 021 989 725 immediately.

Nähaku noa nä

Mark Solomon Kaiwhakaere and Anake Goodall Chief Executive Officer

So boys - are you up for some transparency???


The silly attention seeking bint who is trying to sail around the world and has come unstuck will now be responsible for a carbon foot print the size of the Jolly Green Giant after the Australian Airforce has sent not one but two big fat gas guzzling Orions to pick up little Miss Stranded Abby Sunderland.

Now we defend anyone's right to test the limits of their endurance, be it up a mountain or around the world in a iddy biddy yacht. However, it is not for the rest of the world to pick up the tab.

Call us a cynic but it seems obvious that these modern day "quests" are not about personal achievement but an interesting way to line your pockets. The media payback for these kids is enormous - measured in the millions of dollars. They are instant celebrities if the win or if they fail. So why should the taxes of ordinary citizens be used to pay to pick them up when things all go pear shaped?

If it was them against the world then they should succeed or die - not expect the rest of the world to supply a free safety net. And because it is essentially a business venture then the costs of rescue should be factored in to their finance plan for their " quest."

Fuck em we say - its time that they financed their own follies.


While all bloggers have had a field day over the politicians and their dodgy expenses, Cactus gets to the nub of it. Her experience of spending a fair chunk of her working life on planes and hotels means she has the knowledge to back up her assertions. In short she condemns all of the troughing apart from Tim Groser's penchant for a drink at the end of a hard day.

Cactus recently won the Air New Zealand Blogger of the Year.It was judged by her peers from all points on the political compass. She has ripped the lid off a number of scandals and her witty and acerbic writing style leaves the rest of the NZ blogosphere in her wake.

But she is not just one of the best writers among the legion of bloggers - she stands tall among all commentators and journalists in NZ. That she does it while offshore and holding down a big boys job is even more fascinating and testament to her skills as a writer who has made the blog domain her own.

She also has a strong following among the country's top businessmen and women as well as politicians and journalists.

So three cheers for her and we will crack a bottle of Moet at Boulcott with our good mate when she is here next.

Friday 11 June 2010

I am very, very afraid


Well, I for one think that Sonny Bill Williams is an extremely tasty boy - especially when he has his jumper off. Cactus has a thing for the gormless looking Ronaldo- a taste for the exotic perhaps - Actually,
Ronaldo looks like a poofter. Not sure why Cactus would like a pooftery looking soccer player but there you have it. In contrast, we the Brunette - prefer our meat and vege without too much spice. Just like Sonny. Nicely browned, firm to the touch and all juicy in the middle - like a good piece of Sirloin.

And it warms the cockles of your heart to think that he chucked away a small fortune just to play for his country.
He is his own man and he is following his dream instead of the dreams and aspirations of others. And he loves his mum. That's really nice.

So we can't wait until he takes to the paddock again - we may even return to attending some games just to see him in action.

And we would pay serious money to see him go a few rounds in the ring as well.

Sonny - you good thing - welcome home...

Spanking the monkey

I am surprised by the assumption being made in some of the more extreme parts of the blogosphere that Shane Jones was not just watching pornographic movies but was also "feeding the chickens" , "shaking hands with the unemployed", or "choking the black mamba". I think that until DNA evidence can be produced linking Shane Jones to a hotel carpet then all of the horrid name calling should stop.


For Shane Jones......

I also wonder if his expenses while he was a Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commissioner were ever subject to much scrutiny....

Personally I think Chris Carters massages are way sadder.

All this sad sorry chapter shows is that Parliament fosters a sense of entitlement which you wont witness anywhere else in the community.

Thursday 10 June 2010


The Bustedblonde is no longer. Sorry folks but the feisty big titted gal is hanging up  her  blogging clogs.  Gone for good. She is handing over to a few good men and women.
 Roarprawn will continue with commentary on all manner of stuff. And we will keep the logo to remind of us who started Roarprawn off many many moons ago.

We hope that you enjoy the ruminations of the Brunette and  others such as the American Gardener who will blog from time to time.


Mark Solomon's bizarre performance on TVNZ's Q and A programme on Sunday sent ripples through Maoridom. He was at a meeting of the leaders on Friday in Auckland but for some reason he seemed to have a totally different view of what was decided. It cold be contended that Solomon lacks the intellectual firepower to articulate some of the complex and elegant resolutions the meeting decided upon.

The following resolutions were passed at the Hui a Iwi convened on the 4th June 2010 to discuss the foreshore and seabed replacement framework.

The attendees at the Hui a Iwi/hapu:

1. Recognise that mana whenua, which includes ownership as understood under tikanga [custom], rests with iwi/hapu who are the kaitiaki [guardians] of their respective rohe moana [coastal area];

2. Strongly support that the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004 must be repealed and vesting of the foreshore and seabed in the Crown be revoked;

3. Recognise that the foreshore and seabed is, and must remain, inalienable as that is consistent with tikanga [custom];

4. Accept and affirm that the regime must, in respect of all foreshore and seabed, include the following as principles: a. Explicit recognition of the mana of iwi/hapu as enduring and inalienable; b. Explicit recognition of the partnership of the parties under the Te Tiriti o Waitangi [Treaty of Waitangi].

5. Accept and affirm the following as components of the replacement framework; a. Direct negotiations between the Crown and iwi/hapu, provided that settlements and breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi cannot be relied upon to extinguish rights; b. Access to the courts as a constitutional right.

6. Emphasise that although the Crown proposal does not meet all iwi/hapu concerns about the foreshore and seabed it appears to improve on the position in the 2004 Act.

7. Recognise and acknowledge the iwi leaders working group (ILG) for the work and instructs them to further engage with the Crown, to develop and expand understandings, and further improve the outcomes for iwi/hapu.

8. Encourage the Government to recognise that the positions adopted by this hui of iwi/hapu may require a `longer conversation' between the Crown and iwi/hapu, as recommended by the Waitangi Tribunal and Ministerial Review Panel, and that if a `longer conversation' is pursued that the repeal of the 2004 Act and revocation of Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed be progressed in the immediate [future].

Instead Solomon went off on a terrible divisive tangent that showed he has not grasped the importance of customary title by bringing the existing foreshore and seabed titles into the debate - we in fact they have little to do with the constitutional argument that has seen Maori denied the rights to prove customary title in court.

It is clear with the " leaking " of the resolutions to the NZ Herald today and Api Mahuika's elegant conversation with Sean Plunket this morning on RNZ that Solomon is very very confused.

Api gave him what is the Maori equivalent of a pat on the head and told to sit down while he quietly told the nation via the media what the Maori leaders were wanting and showing that what they want and what the government is offering are akin.

Ngai Tahu should be ashamed of Solomons divisive and confused play - it is clear he sees himself as the leader of leaders. That shows he has a scant regard for the role of Whakapapa and the Tuakana ( seniority ) role that both Ngati Porou and and Api Mahuika have.

By annointing himself as the leader of leaders Solomon has shamed his people. Her clearly lacks the intellectual grunt, the wisdom and a fundemental understanding of tikanga.

In short the tall blue eyed tama is an embarrassment.