Thursday, 10 June 2010


Mark Solomon's bizarre performance on TVNZ's Q and A programme on Sunday sent ripples through Maoridom. He was at a meeting of the leaders on Friday in Auckland but for some reason he seemed to have a totally different view of what was decided. It cold be contended that Solomon lacks the intellectual firepower to articulate some of the complex and elegant resolutions the meeting decided upon.

The following resolutions were passed at the Hui a Iwi convened on the 4th June 2010 to discuss the foreshore and seabed replacement framework.

The attendees at the Hui a Iwi/hapu:

1. Recognise that mana whenua, which includes ownership as understood under tikanga [custom], rests with iwi/hapu who are the kaitiaki [guardians] of their respective rohe moana [coastal area];

2. Strongly support that the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004 must be repealed and vesting of the foreshore and seabed in the Crown be revoked;

3. Recognise that the foreshore and seabed is, and must remain, inalienable as that is consistent with tikanga [custom];

4. Accept and affirm that the regime must, in respect of all foreshore and seabed, include the following as principles: a. Explicit recognition of the mana of iwi/hapu as enduring and inalienable; b. Explicit recognition of the partnership of the parties under the Te Tiriti o Waitangi [Treaty of Waitangi].

5. Accept and affirm the following as components of the replacement framework; a. Direct negotiations between the Crown and iwi/hapu, provided that settlements and breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi cannot be relied upon to extinguish rights; b. Access to the courts as a constitutional right.

6. Emphasise that although the Crown proposal does not meet all iwi/hapu concerns about the foreshore and seabed it appears to improve on the position in the 2004 Act.

7. Recognise and acknowledge the iwi leaders working group (ILG) for the work and instructs them to further engage with the Crown, to develop and expand understandings, and further improve the outcomes for iwi/hapu.

8. Encourage the Government to recognise that the positions adopted by this hui of iwi/hapu may require a `longer conversation' between the Crown and iwi/hapu, as recommended by the Waitangi Tribunal and Ministerial Review Panel, and that if a `longer conversation' is pursued that the repeal of the 2004 Act and revocation of Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed be progressed in the immediate [future].

Instead Solomon went off on a terrible divisive tangent that showed he has not grasped the importance of customary title by bringing the existing foreshore and seabed titles into the debate - we in fact they have little to do with the constitutional argument that has seen Maori denied the rights to prove customary title in court.

It is clear with the " leaking " of the resolutions to the NZ Herald today and Api Mahuika's elegant conversation with Sean Plunket this morning on RNZ that Solomon is very very confused.

Api gave him what is the Maori equivalent of a pat on the head and told to sit down while he quietly told the nation via the media what the Maori leaders were wanting and showing that what they want and what the government is offering are akin.

Ngai Tahu should be ashamed of Solomons divisive and confused play - it is clear he sees himself as the leader of leaders. That shows he has a scant regard for the role of Whakapapa and the Tuakana ( seniority ) role that both Ngati Porou and and Api Mahuika have.

By annointing himself as the leader of leaders Solomon has shamed his people. Her clearly lacks the intellectual grunt, the wisdom and a fundemental understanding of tikanga.

In short the tall blue eyed tama is an embarrassment.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Busted Blonde,

In regards to Solomon's view on his standing within Maoridom. Yes it is true he has "scant regard for the role of whakapapa" and has been known to fudge whakapapa to suit himself. But TRUTH always prevails. Solomon is the JUNIOR line of our whakapapa and really with all he has done and said, he needs to be seated at the kiddes table. It is time for a new era to begin within NgaiTahu, one of reason and commonsense that gathers the people together with love and mana, this does not include him.