Saturday, 12 June 2010


The silly attention seeking bint who is trying to sail around the world and has come unstuck will now be responsible for a carbon foot print the size of the Jolly Green Giant after the Australian Airforce has sent not one but two big fat gas guzzling Orions to pick up little Miss Stranded Abby Sunderland.

Now we defend anyone's right to test the limits of their endurance, be it up a mountain or around the world in a iddy biddy yacht. However, it is not for the rest of the world to pick up the tab.

Call us a cynic but it seems obvious that these modern day "quests" are not about personal achievement but an interesting way to line your pockets. The media payback for these kids is enormous - measured in the millions of dollars. They are instant celebrities if the win or if they fail. So why should the taxes of ordinary citizens be used to pay to pick them up when things all go pear shaped?

If it was them against the world then they should succeed or die - not expect the rest of the world to supply a free safety net. And because it is essentially a business venture then the costs of rescue should be factored in to their finance plan for their " quest."

Fuck em we say - its time that they financed their own follies.

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