Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lesbians and pork brains

As you know the weather here the last few weeks has been cold, wet, and miserable which of course means one tends to make warm filling comfort food. As this is food that takes a long slow time to cook it also counts as child abuse.

This weekend I made a classic peasant dish. It was so yummy that word got out and number one daughter turned up the next night to have the leftovers for dinner. Every ridge on her plate was scraped clean. So here it is..........brains in gravy!!

A single serving of pork brain in milk gravy has 3,500 mg of cholesterol or 1,170% of the daily recommended intake!


peter sim said...

No wonder we cannot buy brains in this country.
we export them so they can be imported back to here.
Gee we are clever.

unPC lesbian said...

One is resisting the impulse to yell plagiarism VERY loudly.

Maybe look here for the results of eating content of displayed cans.