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Tired of the dull neutrality of Wikipedia, try Conservapedia :

Conservapedia on Obama

Critics of the Obama administration have coined the word "Obamunism" to describe Barack Obama's socialistic and "fascism light" economic planning policies (Benito Mussolini defined fascism as the wedding of state and corporate powers. Accordingly, trend forecaster Gerald Celente labels Obama's corporate bailouts as being "fascism light" in nature).[69][70]
Obamunism can also refer to Obama's ruinous fiscal policies and reckless monetary policies.[71][72][73] In February of 2010, Jim Rogers, the world renowned investor, said concerning the Obama administration's monetary policy, that the European Union, Chinese, and Australian central bankers are more competent and honest than the Federal Reserve.[74]
Furthermore, Mr. Rogers asserted that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, whom President Obama re-appointed to be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is "throwing gasoline on a fire" via his inflationary policies which are debasing the United States dollar.[75] Under President Obama the American government's share of the national gross domestic product has significantly increased.[76]

Conservapedia on Abortion
Abortion is the induced termination of a pregnancy,[1] often causing fetal pain. Abortion is a billion-dollar industry[2][3][4] in the United States[5] and Western Europe except for Ireland, Malta and Poland, where it has been abolished.[6][7][8] Abortion in Poland declined by 99% after communism was overthrown, and women's health has dramatically improved there due to fewer abortions.

About 80% of women who see an ultrasound of their fetus (unborn child) decide not to abort.[9] Millions of women who had an abortion later suffer psychologically or physically from it, and support groups exist to help.[10] Many victims of abortion find healing by speaking out against, and discouraging, similar harm to other mothers and their children. "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born,"[11] highlights the deceit of abortion.

"Abortion doesn't solve your problems, it only creates different ones," warned a full-page ad by many women who had abortions.[12] Many women begin regretting their abortion before they even leave the abortion clinic. In some cases, women begin regretting their abortion just before it is performed,[13] but are told by abortionists that it is too late to change their mind because they already signed a consent form (which is a lie - it is never too late to withdraw consent for an abortion).

Conservapedia on Dinosaurs

Young earth creationists believe, from the biblical account, that dinosaurs were created on day 6 of the creation week[5] approximately 6,000 years ago, along with other land animals, and therefore co-existed with humans. As such, they reject the Theory of Evolution and the beliefs of evolutionary scientists about the age of the earth.

They believe that dinosaurs lived in harmony with other animals, (probably including in the Garden of Eden) eating only plants[6]; that pairs of each dinosaur kind were taken onto Noah's Ark during the Great Flood and were preserved from drowning[7]; that many of the fossilized dinosaur bones originated during the mass killing of the Flood[8]; and that possibly some descendants of those dinosaurs taken aboard the Ark are still around today.[9]

They use archaeological, fossil, and documentary evidence to argue that dinosaurs co-existed with mankind until at least relatively recent times.

Conservapedia on Global Warming

Many political activists use the term "global warming" to refer the anthropogenic global warming theory (AGW), which asserts that human activity such as spewing "greenhouse gases" is causing more temperature increase than all natural causes combined. The AGW theory is supported by left-leaning political parties, as well as a majority of sovereign states, national agencies, and an intergovernmental panel (see IPCC).

Fortunately, there is no global crisis despite dire warning by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Predictions made by climate models publicized by the IPCC have not come to pass, and the climate has shown a mild cooling over the last 15 years. [15]

In November 2009, emails were disclosed that demonstrated wrongful manipulation and concealment of data by scientists who have insisted that there is dangerous man-made global warming.


Char said...

I am not sure what your point is but I do get the sneerng tone. Conservapedia is no more used by conservatives like me than wiki. You just look like a fool in this case.

I am not sure what BB was aiming for when letting you to blog here but you have ruined one of my faves and I will now be avoiding this blog in future. Shame really as the other authors are quite good.

FWIW you remind me alot of Faitfacts Media in later No Minister danger of ruining a very good blog.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is anything but neutral on anything controversial. It's fine for most other things though.

B.S. said...

Char - thanks for your kind thoughts.

I think the point of this post with its four quotes can best be summarized by this quote from George Washington:

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” -