Thursday 10 June 2010


Oh dear.

Poor Shane Jones has admitted he booked up blue movies while he was a Minister on government business. Now, its not all that hard to imagine that away from his wife and probably with only the company of such socialist sex bombs as Judith Tizard and Ruth Dyson, that he should resort to a bit of cinematic slap and tickle. The frequency of the hires means he must have been sporting some big blisters on those big Dali mitts of his! Shame is that Shane booked it up to the taxpayer. Funny thing is that in certain quarters the revelation that he watches porn will help his popularity.

However, the fact that we paid for his titillation will be his downfall.


kehua said...

Always knew he was a wanker!

Anonymous said...

And doesn't it say it all about the rotten MMP system that only Labour can vote him out, rather than the taxpayers? List MPs, lowest form of life?

Anonymous said...

Although the former (& present) Ministers were wrong in using the credit card for personal items, the money was reimbursed by each one. Therefore the only cost to the taxpayer was the cost for DIA staff to gather the Official Information material.