Saturday, 12 June 2010


While all bloggers have had a field day over the politicians and their dodgy expenses, Cactus gets to the nub of it. Her experience of spending a fair chunk of her working life on planes and hotels means she has the knowledge to back up her assertions. In short she condemns all of the troughing apart from Tim Groser's penchant for a drink at the end of a hard day.

Cactus recently won the Air New Zealand Blogger of the Year.It was judged by her peers from all points on the political compass. She has ripped the lid off a number of scandals and her witty and acerbic writing style leaves the rest of the NZ blogosphere in her wake.

But she is not just one of the best writers among the legion of bloggers - she stands tall among all commentators and journalists in NZ. That she does it while offshore and holding down a big boys job is even more fascinating and testament to her skills as a writer who has made the blog domain her own.

She also has a strong following among the country's top businessmen and women as well as politicians and journalists.

So three cheers for her and we will crack a bottle of Moet at Boulcott with our good mate when she is here next.


Cactus Kate said...

Thank you brunette, busted blonde may have to introduce us first as I've never met you!

kehua said...

That CK sure is a class act.Salut.