Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Tonight we joined the ranks of wine wankers with pride. We were at a wonderful wine tasting and dinner at Ortegas Fish Shack and Bar where 22 of us were served up an amazing array of superb, interesting and innovative food matched with wine from the South - Olssens Vineyard of Bannockburn and from the North - Murdoch James from Martinborough.

We were in the company of serious wine buffs including the affable and knowledgeable wine writer John Saker.

The food was interesting , innovative, well balanced and fresh. Our favourite of the five courses was the slow roasted pork belly with truffled lentils and cabbage, sauteed mushrooms and pinot noir gravy...

It was matched with the Murdoch James Martinborough Pinot Noir 2008 and the Olssens Nipple Hill Pinot Noir 2009. It was best with the Murdoch James, the Nipple Hill was just a little youthful.

Anyway there was a blind tasting and we won. Woohoo - we guessed the region and wine and the age.. It was a no brainer - How can one ever forget the richness of the bold savoury Olssens Slapjack Creek?

So we got to take home a loverly bottle of Slapjack Creek Pinot Noir and a wine tasting tour for 4 for our good nose and palate. Yum.

While we have always been a fan of Olssens wines , tonight we were introduced to the sophistication and complexity of Murdoch James superb wine. Our favorite has to be their Syrah. It's worth buying a bottle or two.

Thanks to the hosts , Heather from Olssens and Roger from Murdoch James. They prove that passion is the most important ingredient to making great wine.

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Anonymous said...

Were there any dishes you felt could have been better served witha different choie of the wines on show?