Wednesday, 30 June 2010


The Beaujolais orphans have found a new home.. We are all in heaven. It's little, out of the way ( so the boss will have a bloody hard job finding you, unless you are of course with the boss), a bit smoky, foods better than good and wont break the bank, wine list is great, its warm, stylish and comfy...We have made it ours.

So for all of the out of towners who are missing the " Boj" email us and we will let you know where to go....

We also had occasion to dine at the splendid Foxglove the other nite... We had been invited to the opening but sadly were in the Wairarapa. The guys who own Foxglove also own the Matterhorn and its clear they know what they are doing. They have turned a cold, uninviting, badly run barn of a pub called the Loaded Hog - that was legend for its crap food, into what we think will become a very popular top end restaurant. It is all class and no pretensions.
We had the duck - sticky, salty and delightful moist and melty it was. (gosh that almost sounds rude). We love the decor - a bank of ferns grace the wall at the entrance. The little cosy Window on the Waterfront dining room is fab. It really is a great addition to the Wellington Harbour eateries. We will be back .

We have also heard that the Dockside has undergone a bit of a facelift. We haven't been there for months because we decided that the food was mediocre and didn't match the exorbitant prices. And apparently there has been some sort of change in ownership.

We also note that some of the prices have been reduced.

So we will be off to have a visit soon to see if it has improved.

We are also pleased to report that the Green Parrot food is still pretty damn good. Mind you after a great night of carousing one wonders if it is possible to be a good judge of the quality of the nosh. But the flounder was a stunner - well we think it was.

And the place is always spotless - including the toilets. We like that in a restaurant. Well BustedBlonde did.....

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