Sunday, 20 June 2010


Bet Phil Goff had a serious case of indigestion after reading the Sunday Star Times this morning.

He is now in an untenable position after the Sunday Star Times has revealed that Chris Carter sought the advice from ex PM Helen Clark on returning to parliament.
So he has decided on the strength of a wee korero with her to head back to work in Wellington.

ERRANT WEST AUCKLAND MP Chris Carter last night broke his silence, saying he was returning to parliament, having taken advice from the party's former head, Helen Clark.

Last week Labour leader Phil Goff told Carter to head home to think about his future, after his refusal to front to media and apologise for using his ministerial credit card to buy flowers and massages.

Goff said Carter, MP for Te Atatu, had failed to express contrition and forced him to apologise unreservedly.

Yip, so now he tells us all that he has sough the advice of Aunty Helen about the situation he had got himself in due to his arrogance and overblown sense of entitlement.

And by association she has now shown that she sees no wrong doing among any of her former troughing Ministers.

It is clear that Carter has respect for Clark but none for Goff. Carter also indicates that he is not sorry. He shows no contrition. He displays all the characteristics of a narcissist..

So Goff now has no choice. He will have to cut him loose.

When the Sunday Star-Times asked Carter if he felt pressured into apologising, he replied: "I think that, ah, ah, we had discussions around it, of course. I think I needed time to reflect on it. When you are shoved into a corridor with a whole lot of journalists who have been waiting three-and-a-half hours to interview you... it wasn't very conducive to clear thinking."

Carter said: "We could argue the rights and wrongs of whether I've done anything wrong. The only personal items were two bunches of flowers that a staff member sent on their card, and all ministerial travel was signed off."

He said the apology was given "because you have to think about what is good for the Labour Party".

And at the end of the day the country's sickliest political fruit cake is a stranger to the truth. And he has no political antennae if he agrees to be questioned at length by the Sunday Star Times on such tricky issues.

Carter was embarrassed again last week when it was revealed he promised exclusive interviews to both TV3 and TV One. "I guess I just wanted to be nice. It's called PR, that's what politicians do."

So Goff, to ensure any semblance of respect, will have to cut him lose and do it quickly.So there will have to be a by election in Te Atatu. That means Nationals Tau Henare will have to step up to the plate. Thats good - Tau looks to us to be as ready as he ever would be to take back Te Atatu.


The Gantt Guy said...

Brunette, if there is to be a bielection in Te Atatu the Nats should put someone credible forward. The good people of Te Atatu have preferred mincing poof Carter over proper Westie Henare at the last 3 general elections. Labour will likely put Twyford in any Te Atatu contest, and if Henare cannot beat Carter, there is no way known he will beat Twyford. Henare should know when he isn't wanted (not a trait common among politicians) and step aside from the electorate (keeping his list spot, of course) to give the Nats a chance to take the seat.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

He's a five time loser.

We need a real candidate, not a brain dead centre right version of Parekura Horomia.