Monday, 28 June 2010


This will simply effect one of the greatest social changes we have ever seen. Non smoking jails.

''Prisoners with alcohol and drug addictions have to deal with it. We don't offer alcohol to prisoners with alcohol addictions or P to prisoners with methamphetamine addictions. This is a prison, it's not a home.''

Absolutely and prison officers are there to deal with prisoners. So all that is needed is plenty of support for inmates and officers to kick the habit.

Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I would even wonder about the "plenty of support" qualifier. In today's world, giving "plenty" of support turns an addiction into a rehabilitation career: instead of the user/addict healing, they swap one superficial identity for another of rehab techniques. To be free, an addict has to face and overcome some serious flaws in their personality. And eventually they have to let go of the cure too. The process can be fast and easy or naturally slow and dangerous. Interference with "plenty of support" makes it worse for the person making the journey. They have to do it alone or they miss the moments of change they need. That's why it could be such a powerful catalyst for change. I've heard nothing that recognises the seriousness of the proposal, it's all just "Oh they're scummy prisoners, lets punish them...this isn't a home...this isn't a holiday camp..." that kind of attitude - an adult version of ToughLove - will work against an outcome of real changes.

B.S. said...

It does seem nonsensical for jails to be the only workplace that is not smoke free. Corrections staff should have the same health protections as any other employee.