Monday, 21 June 2010


I always enjoy reading the Dominion in the mornings while waiting on my morning takeaway coffee from a little cafe called Mixed Business which is just north of Bordeaux Bakery on the Terrace. It is the favourite place for many Terrace Worriers.

Anyway, the young barista there is a pleasure to deal with. She remembers your name and your order and always has a smile for her customers.

This morning as I was propped up at the bench reading the paper, some young fellas started to talk about mining and how terrible it was. Anyway the aproned coffee maestro-ess gave them a verbal biffing.
Mining was a good thing she told them - the economy needed it and there was wayyy too many lies being told about the size of the holes, she lectured. Actually the only big holes were the gobs of the two young fellas as their jaws dropped in the face of the assault they got from the coffee queen.

She was polite but strident. We like that in a chick.

The boys, full of derision, tried to take her down with some puerile insults so we came to her aid. (not that she needed much. )
" She is right - the Greenies are spreading waay too much false crap - we are not going to be facing big huge holes" everywhere," we told them.
The surliest of the two young fellas then suggested that perhaps I also believed in the tooth fairy..
I suggested that he was the one who was being taken for a ride and gave him my best withering stare and he kinda melted like gold from the Martha Mine.

Anyway , the Barista from Mixed business was still bantering with them when I left.

So if you are in town or in need of a caffeine fix - head to Mixed Business.. Its our kinda place.

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kevin said...

And they probably don't know about the mining business on the West Coast, that actually moves/re-plants the native bush on the tailings created, from where he is processing. Generally a seamless landscape I'm told.