Sunday, 27 June 2010


We are delighted to see that the Minister of Corrections is giving some serious thought to making prisons smoke free. Its an excellent idea that has been a long time coming.
It appears that the liability for any smoking related illnesses among prison officers is one of the reasons.

Department of Corrections bosses found taxpayers could be liable for lawsuits from prison guards exposed to inmates' second-hand smoke.

The potential threat of legal action was heightened after the Government's decision to "double bunk" inmates in a single cell, raising the possibility of non-smoking prisoners suing the Government for being housed with smoking inmates.

The dangers of legal action were found after Collins instructed Corrections staff to investigate a ban, and its success rates overseas.

They found tobacco was used as currency inside prison and was the cause of disputes. Further reasons for the ban included the use of cigarette lighters and matches to melt plastic into which blades could be embedded, turning cell possessions into weapons.

While some would say that taking cigarettes off inmates could lead to riots - we are sure that if the programme is introduced in the right way with plenty of support for both inmates and officers to give up them the potential for violence will be lessened.

So well done Judith...


Anonymous said...

Removing the option to smoke would be the most influencial rehabilitation technique our country has seen. I'm quite sure the Dept. of Corrections is totally unprepared for the pandoras box it could open. It will never happen.

While humans have two hands and one brain, violence will never decrease. Tools aren't the source of violence.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Judith Collins? So caring about about very unlikely lawsuits (secondary smoke studies are statistical nonsense).

She uses a very unlikely and not expensive lawsuit to kick prisoners in the guts. Rodney and Garth will be giggling.

The red necks on talk back will be cheering.

I think that there are far more pressing concerns in the corrections dept than prisoners who smoke cigarettes,

It does not seem like the best place to start rehabilitation.

I sense an impending election and an urgent need to keep rodney, garth, ash, and the hlfpr quiet.

Bugger the welfare of the staff (let alone the prisoners).

This must have come from crosby textor.

Anonymous said...

I would be a "red neck" in your view, and I am not cheering for this.
It will just cost the tax payer more, unless of course prisoners have to work to pay for their patches and counsillying.
Another "red herring" from Maori/National.
ACT have nothing to do with it.