Monday, 14 June 2010


While the focus is on the demotion of Jones Carter and Ririnui we can report that a former Labour politician is carving out a new career in the real world. Mark Peck was a good constituent MP for Southland and latterly was the Director of the Smokefree Coalition.

However, he is now the proprietor of a new cafe ( well an old cafe with a new name ) called Little Peckish.

Now Mark is - errr vertically challenged so the name is a delightful pisstake. Food looks good too. We are wondering after serving Southland for so long if he he will offer up Southland's favourite morning tea filler - the cheese roll.

He was a unionist for quite some time and we expect that being an employer and a capitalist will be an interesting progression on his way to be a better man.


sooty said...

I hope it all goes well for you mate.Well done for a little entrepreneurial spirit.

pdm said...

Does this mean he might stand for the Nats or ACT one day?