Saturday, 25 September 2010


We did the LOL thing when we read this ever so subtle pisstake of Nuz reader Sam Hayes by John Drinnan.

Here's her defending her stance to wear but not eat the good bits of dead things

Hayes, by the way explained in the article about her rationale on leather given she was a vegan saying she was happy to use the byproducts of meat production.

She has standards though.

"I will never wear snake skin. I will never wear alligator.

"I will never wear calf skin," the TV3 environmental reporter told Remix.

If its all about killing things then one has to be consistent. No use of any part of the said dead animal at all. And so apparently she is happy to don a bit of lambskin but not snakeskin.. Again she makes a judgement about what creatures are more deserving of her devotion than another...

No leather, no shoes, no handbags. No wool. No feathers or there is no credibility. Her stance makes here look seriously vaccuous.

Not sure why Sam Hayes is willing to sacrifice her reputation over a bit of tanned hide. Shit the skinny ginga bitch would look fantastic in a hemp sackcloth.

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Jenifer Silva said...

Selective morality is even now more apparent:

Time to admit 'cruelty free' beliefs are untenable?