Friday, 3 September 2010


We are astounded, Bustedblonde was apparently seen with none other that the cherubic faced pinko unionist Matt McCarten in Auckland yesterday. She has told us that she was quite taken by the strategy maestro and his passion for the cause - the United the Union. He was sporting a little lapel button that said UTU United the Union..

The Dark Prince of lefty politics was in the company of the most popular talkback duo in the country - John Tamihere and Willy Jackson. Dark deeds were being plotted - but maybe thats because they are all Maori fellas.

Anyway. Bustedblonde drank and scoffed with them and undoubtedly increased her already substantial girth. We are expecting that Whale Oil and Cactus will be calling for her expulsion from the VWRC forthwith.
Apparently the three Maori Sopranos are going to be at a very important function this weekend . Lady June, Willys mama is getting her gong from the Guvnor General.

John Banks and Len Brown will be there along with Rodney Hide but apparently Maori MP's have been slow to respond to their invites..

Seems the Urban / tribal Maori bullshit is still alive and well.

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Anonymous said...

Get off - Hooton joins this trio for their drinking sessions.