Thursday, 9 September 2010


It appears that AP is going to give credit when credit is due - to bloggers. We are already seeing a bit of this. The Herald, Stuff, NBR all credit bloggers from time to time. Perhaps the best online blogger come breaker of news is Whaleoil. Kiwiblog and Brown at Public Address and Bernard Hickey have all broken news at some time as have to a lesser extent, we here at Roarprawn, Cactus Kate and others. Bloggers have always credited mainstream media when they link to news but its been a one way street for quite some time. What we think we are seeing is a seismic shift in the way that news is delivered. Twitter became a huge force for information dissemination - both good and bad during the Canterbury quake. We did little but twitter for the first two days of the quake . We saw its raw power to get information out quickly. Just as facebook became a way for people to express their feelings to others.

So where next for the social and online media ? We are confident it will be the dominant information dissemination tool in our lives in the future -in fact it may well be already. Wecome to cloudnews.

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