Thursday, 30 September 2010


We reported recently on our experience with twittering our concerns about a substandard fish pie we had in a cafe recently and the fact that the restaurant was monitoring twitter and sorted out the issue in short order.

Now the Herald is carrying a story on how Twitter is being used by restaurants. Hospitality by its very nature is a great place to capitalise on the benefits of social media. Wellingtonians are joining up Four Square in droves as it points the social butterflies to the best deals around the place.

One of best examples on the Wellington scene of social media use is St Johns. the normally laconic owner Jason is having some fun on twitter offering deals on beer and wine every time the wind gets up . His latest effort is a total pisstake of himself but already he has had 3500 people view the vid on Youtube.

Well done him.

We are really expecting that the hospitality will be huge users of social media. Its immediacy and ability to target are a marketers wet dream.

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kehua said...

Great clip, would not be doing that today though me thinks.