Monday, 20 September 2010


We as a nation seem to be wallowing in sensitivity these days. And this morning the NZ Herald gives space to another someone who is feeling " sensitive" about something. Its the AirNZ advert for a few cheap seats. The advert ends with the words Woop Woop. The sound of aircraft sirens and a common sound of pleasure. And its also the name of a Aussie Shiraz that is so poular its sold out.

The complaint has come from a family member of one of the victims of the Erebus crash.They reckon that it is insensitive of AirNZ to use the words Woop Woop in the advert as they were the last sounds apparently recorded on the black Box as the plane went down.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, why is more attention paid to the families of victims of high profile accidents than those families whop suffer loss from the run of the mill but no less traumatic events that happen every damn day.

It seems families of high profile accidents need to stay in the limelight and use any excuse they can find to keep the spotlight shining their way. And the media is happy to oblige. A very unhealthy symbiotic relationship.

Sad all round really.

So can we now expect the families of the Erebus victims to call for a ban on oxygen?

After all, its the last thing those on that fateful flight breathed.

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