Monday, 20 September 2010


We have been looking at the various ways that Twitter is starting to make in roads into our daily lives as it picks up more and more users. And today was a classic example of how it can work.

We had lunch at Cafe L'affare. Not a place we normally go simply because we have an aversion to untamed rugrats and the place is their spiritual home. So being a bit peckish we ordered up the fish pie $18 with salad. We love fish pie. We have written a lot about who has the best fish pie in Wellington so without calling for a vote on it - we think we can claim the title of Wellingtons number one fish pie expert. and Arbitrageurs pie is still the best.

So it was with much sadness that when we lifted the lid on the L'affare smoked fish pie today that it was not an affair we wanted to remember. It was solid and sticky in a wallpaper paste kinda way. It was so overcooked and dried out that the pieces of egg within were a goldy colour and could have served as the innards of a good golfball.

So we decided that this was a tweetworthy event.

So we sent out our tweet missive that the pie at Laffare was not good and commented on its wallpaper paste consistency. We put down our phone sighed and forked over the stodgy remains and looked at the lovely salad. Sadly we are not really a salady kinda chick.

Then suddenly the lovely young man about the house was at our side.
"So what are we going to do about this" he said.

Lordy, it took a second to work out that he was indeed talking about our pie.

We were surprised and delighted with the instant response.

And we hasten to add that we have sent back food if its not up to standard and were just about to do that anyway.

He then swept up the bill and told us lunch was on the house. He told us they have a search on L'Affare on twitter and thats how they picked my tweet up. He also told us that the fish pie was being taken off the menu.

They do have a reputation of being a good eatery and coffee house to protect. And they did it in style today. So we will go back.

We have been watching the exponential growth and practical use of Twitter and Foursquare and Facebook with a great deal of interest.
Used well it is definitely a fantastic marketing tool. And more and more restaurants and bars in Wellington are using it.

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mrdiner said...

Maybe less time tweeting and more time cooking would have avoided the gleu-like pie in the first place??