Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Seems our favorite dirty girl has been dumped by a scottish born policeman. While we understand his career concerns it needs to be remembered that Lisa Lewis is not a criminal. What she does is legal. She could well end up with a place on the Hamilton City Council. She is running a busy campaign and certainly knows how to draw attention to the issues she believes in. So we reckon the Scotty plod is a plonker. At the end of the day he has given up the chance to have and hold NZ's most expensive piece of arse to himself.

Go Lisa - forget about the highland love rat and get out there and win your place at the Hamilton City Council Table. The stuffy, most boring city in the country needs you.

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Anonymous said...

Running for council??? Doesn't bother me what her job is (prostitution)but heck I think prospective councillors should have a basic ability in written English. Read the tart's blog, she can barely write a coherent sentence, let alone punctuate it. Not even Hamilton is that desperate.