Sunday, 28 June 2009


We have known many gang members like Mossie Hines , from across the spectrum - White Power, Nomads, Black Power , Mongrel Mob, Road Knights, Devils Henchmen and many others who have since disbanded.

We do not mourn the passing of Hines. He died in jail where he spent most of his sorry arsed life. He was brutal and unforgiving and arguably, if he didn't order the killing of Dr Howard Tippet and his sister, then he shaped the minds of those who did.
He was the face of evil. The same sort of evil we are seeing on TV1 on the Gangland series of Australia's underbelly. David Fisher has done a considered piece on a man who was less than the legend.

And of course our recent brush with gangs is now documented.

There are no places for these people in our society. We will undoubtedly see a rise of gang activity as the growing fog of the recession swirls about us. It will take a good and firm government to ensure that we do not see the rise of any more Mossie Hines.

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Keeping Stock said...

Quite right BB - Hines was pond-scum. I seem to remember a charge of cutting someone's throat at one of the ill-fated Mountain Rock festivals, and as you have chronicled, his involvement in Dr Howard Teppett's brutal and tragic death. The Nomads were absolute bad-asses, and society would be much safer if all the wrangling over the gang know led to all the members killing one another!