Saturday, 27 June 2009


We are not sure whats happening over at the NBR but a number of their journos have just left or are leaving very soon. Thats sad. It is a good read but good reads only come from hiring good journos. We know they are as scarce than happy and content Labour MP's these days. and that that the talent pool is not deep. Thank god they still have the superb Rob Hosking on the payroll. And Chris Keall and Hazel and David Farrar and Hooton - but they need some daily grunts on the books who understand business as well.

Cactus also laments the late copy.

Come on Bazza - - find some good scribes. Keep us entertained and informed. Please.

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Chris Keall said...

NBR is losing four good journos - all going overseas as it happens, to Oz, Sydney, France and London.

But it's also good to see that unlike Fairfax, APN and others operating a sinking lid, NBR has replaced all four - and there may also be a fifth hire.