Saturday, 27 June 2009


We were fortunate to watch the dismal French All Black clash down in Nelson with family - son, grandparents and aunty and uncle. We are all the best rugby players that never were. But the thing that struck us all was the the fact that that All Blacks never let rip with a hearty, ballsy and heartfelt rendition of our National Anthem. So our hearts sang when we read the news that New Zealands most garrulous ( not) citizen Graeme Henry has given his boys a rark up over not singing our National song of pride and patriotism. Even the Haka isnt like it used to be - its gone all soft.

Bloody good on him however he could have dont it sooner. And is it just me or does the whole AB team have that soft boy sooky nanna look about them?

Shit Rugby is just a polite version of a good scrap.

Time for our guys to get hard again.. Really hard. Like that lionesesque frenchy.. Sebastien Chabal

We want some of that in the NZ team. Fuck the posey metrosexual rugby nancy boys - we want blokes - big tough take no prisoners, run like rabbits rugby buggers. Or the world cup mission is doomed....

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Anonymous said...

Having played and coached a fair bit of competitive sport and having had the discussion with teamates, quite heated at times, every person has a different way of preparing for big games.

Some players will go out and get really hyped up and emotionally charged while others need to chill and relax. Every player has to have control over their own preparation, at the top level so much of sport is about personal mental preparation.