Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This isn't very smart... We are big supporters of Powershop - a subsidiary of the SOE Meridian.

Meridian is a company that has managed to carve a nice wee niche out in the market by getting into " sustainable renewable energy projects" Project that are often subsidised.

Anyway, its a well known fact that this blog supports the government exploring the mineral potential of  this country .

So it was with some surprise that we find Meridian,  the Govt owned company, taking a swipe at the government on the Powershop website with an anti mining power pack. We think that this is very bad form.

They need a telling off..

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Power to the People
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No Mining

Well done you lot. The people of New Zealand have spoken and the resounding response to our entreat to protect our free land is

"No Mining".

So, to celebrate there's a 'No Mining' special in store right now.

Power To The People.

Terms and Conditions

There are only a limited number of 'No Mining' Packs available and you can only purchase one pack per customer. Units must be used before the first time Powershop reviews your account after the "Use by" date.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly a brain fart from some idiot in the marketing department, not only because is this just silly for a company owned by an SOE, it's deeply ironic that Powershop wouldn't have electricity units to sell without mining. This country still relies on Huntly for a lot of its power from time to time.