Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Its MSG!.

We watched TV in awe as last night the secret Southland cheese roll recipe was revealed. It's sharp bitey cheddar, evaporated milk, mustard, nestles onion soup., a bit of chopped up onion and boiled it up till it thickens and spread it on thin white bread.

There is a cheese onion and pineapple version that includes tinned pineapple in syrup.

The MSG is in the soup mix. It's reason why the onion dip for chips is sooo bloody addictive.

For the record we love the ones from Zookeepers Cafe in Invercargill - no MSG.

Its one of those foods that is soooo good because it is sooo baad...

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Anonymous said...

No way I could go with pineapple without a slice of ham included. Ham, cheese and pineapple toasty is an old fave of mine.