Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Pete Bethune got a suspended sentence for ocean going eco - terrorism from the Japanese.

Our collective views here at Roarprawn are well known. Bustedblonde brought the world some exclusive footage of the incident that caused all the fuss

Sadly Bethune will now be a celebrity among the eco dorks and will undoubtedly make a shit load of money on the speaking celebrity circuit telling of his traumas and dramas. We remain convinced that his actions are not about saving whales but about promoting Pete Bethune. Barf....

However we expect his off shore escapades will be curtailed as he is now a convicted criminal.


FijiDave said...

As a bloke who spent a number of years on the West Coast among the bluefin fleet in the '80's among about 50 trawlers and an equal number of smnaller BF boats, I can say, with a fair degree of certainty, having seen both videos, that Bethune was asking to get run over.

I have been on both types of vessel - the bluefin handlining vessel, and the trawler - and never saw such pathetic vessel handling.

Anybody with half a brain and has been to sea in such conditions can see at a glance - literally - that it was a set up.

He was just lucky that the Japanese decided to go soft on the day.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that unless Bethune stops to think about what he's up to and make some changes, he'll end up dead or in prison faster than he'd like. He may not be a terrorist, but he's bloody dangerous to himself and anyone else near him while he's at sea. His aggressive and uncontrolled response to his own government's support is just plain foolish.