Friday, 2 July 2010

Hamiltron - The City of The Future , NOT!!!!

Hamilton,, or more specifically the dormitory suburb of Rototuna has embarrassed itself with the discrimination by decile 10 Te Totara Primary School against the child of celebrity adult performer Lisa Lewis.

One would reasonably assume that parents at a decile 10 school are well educated professionals. They should know that prostitution was legalized in this country in 2003. Legalising prostitution was the one good thing that Labour did during its ten years in power. Labour fucked the country over in most other ways but at least it made it ok to fuck for money.

If Lisa Lewis was parking a mobile brothel outside Te Totara Primary school and propositioning the mums & dads on their way to school then maybe there would issue. Obviously she doesn't, she just drops her kid off like all the other mums. I have personally met Lisa while dropping off her son at Te Totara and she certainly didn't look any different from any of the other mums.

This action is small minded bigotry that says more about the agitators who have driven it than Lisa Lewis. Perhap not surprising in a town where one of it's top cafe's , Scotts Epicurean, does not serve decaf :-)

Hamilton is looking more like Victorian enclave than city of the future.

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Anonymous said...

notice the school is off Moonlight Drive...