Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Bethune is an attention seeking fame grasping wanker.
And congratulations to McCully and John Key for telling it like it is.
And Bethune is not a hero. Wankers are never heroes.

We met this fine gentleman couple of times and he was a hero. And as long as Bethune lives he will never ever be a shadow of the man that Eric Batchelor was.


robertguyton said...

He certainly has grabbed your attention roar, so you have to give him credit for effectiveness.
Fame? Well, that too I suppose. He's certainly well enough known.
I wonder what it is you feel he should be grateful for, or at least grateful to McCully and Key for.
If either of those politicians did anything to assist their countryman while he was under arrest in a foreign country, they kept their hand well concealed.
Bethune, who should know as much as anyone about the details, says they were useless.
Is he wrong?
I blogged on my experience with Bethune. You might be interested.

Anonymous said...

I think robert guyton must be one of the 1 percent who give buffoon credit. buffoon is a convicted criminal and is milking it for all it's worth. McCully wrote to buffoon last december (see Kiwiblog) telling him not to undertake actions that could cause a collision. He deserves to lose him boat the wanker.

Evelyn Cook said...

Eric Batchelor is worthy of a post of his own.

One of the world's true gentlemen and a genuine hero. It was a privilege to have known him, however briefly.

Haere atu ra, te toa o Ngati Tumatauenga, te hoa pai o te whanau Te Maire, moe mai, okioki