Monday, 17 October 2011


As we were watching the big game last night between NZ and Australia we mused to our Aussie partner, the Rock, that despite the vilification of Quade Cooper, there were many signs that NZ and Australia were finally  understanding that we had more in common than not. 

The mere fact that a kiwi born boy like Quade called Australia home, as do hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders, is a case in point. He is well aware and proud of his kiwi heritage but for him Aussie is home and he wears the Aussie jersey proudly. 
We think that Cooper is an outstanding athlete - he is Sean Maitland's cousin so his sporting lineage goes back aways. 

So despite the loss to the kiwis last night one of the big names in Australia sports writing is calling on  his country to get behind the kiwis in their quest for the cup. 

We agree. The All Blacks French final should see the All Blacks trump the Frogs. And while the world knows the strength of our rivalry with Australia the world may not realise that we have never got over the Gallic bastards coming over here to blow up a boat in our waters. 


Lambcut said...

It wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't sacrificed two generations of our best young men bailing the buggers out of their bloody fights with Germany.

Anonymous said...

If Napoleon had managed a win over the royals of europe and england they may not have had to be "sacrificed"
But, that's ifs for yah.

Anonymous said...

Lamcut, your comment shows you know little of history and even less of France.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 1:26

All I need to know about France can be summed up by the fact that you will not find anywhere in that self centred, arrogant and unthankful country a statue of General Marshall who rescued their sorry arses from penury after world war Two.