Friday, 16 September 2011


We  got a bit of time off today -so we  had lunch at Shed 5 with some good mates.

We started with Bluff oysters for entree. They were served  almost as we like them  - naked on a rocky bed of  ice. The wee plastic squirty things with some sort of vinegar  in them that accompanied the plump oysters were just plain gauche. Raw oysters served with any plastic utensil is a travesty. We photographed the squirty thing, that looked like a turkey baster for quail, with the oysters - its to the right of the plate in the ice. Awful wee device.

We do no like our food  fancy schmansyied but they did it again with the main of whitebait fritters . Fritters unadorned but for a gentle drop of lemon juice, cannot be beaten. But no - they served them with oily undrained mussel fritters and a smudge of carrot puree. It was just wrong. 

Where is Gaults simple but deft touch?

Stunning food is like a stunning woman - she is mouthwatering naked and only needs a simple adornment to bring out her inner beauty. 

Sadly our meal at Shed Five was like Audrey Hepburn  dressed in trackies from KMart. 

Luckily we supped on the superb Daniel Le Brun  bubbles. A fine New Zealand  methode traditonelle  to have with  New Zealands finest seafood.  It made  up for the missing citrus on the whitebait. 

So our advice to Shed Five is to undress the plates. Seafood  of this quality happily shines on its own. 

However for location and service Shed 5 is hard to beat and the two big  fritters were exceptional value. 

We recommend this restaurant to any Rugby World Cup visitors 

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