Wednesday, 15 December 2010


We blogged about the beautiful melanesian ring necked pheasant that had set up shop on our place. He was lovely to have around. However things have changed. Over the past three weeks he has become increasingly territorial and aggressive. He also gives our poor wee feather duster silkie chooks arseholes.

The bastard has gone psycho and very unpredictable. One minute he is very laid back then he just suddenly attacks. We have tried everything but now he has even decided he can come inside the house. The water hose deters him for a bit but then you will walk around the corner of the shed and theres the bugger.

I have a hole in my leg where he attacked me and I cant bend down in the garden without him flying at me. They fly at you feet forward so the hole in my leg was either from his claws or spurs.

As we have kids around from time to time , its time for Farrk to go to that great casserole in the sky.

Tonight, sadly will be his last.

Shame as he really is a priddy boy..


Anonymous said...

What a complete bastard of a bird. Years ago when I lived in Northland a local farmer thought it would be a good idea to get some peacocks. They put on wonderful displays of plumage but boy, they were seriously nasty. They attacked both man and woman and beast. In one attack my three year old nephew was lucky not to lose an eye to them. They fell to the gun. My nephew is today a staunch ACT supporter. Perhaps the peacock was a Labour man though I'm more inclined to think that sort of savagery indicated a libertarian leaning. Ian

Cactus Kate said...

Fark is now annointed Winston.

Shove the fucker in the pot and hit high.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall you posted a picture of Farrk drinking bubbles. Perhaps he's an angry drunk?

Anonymous said...

Fark can't be Winston - Busted knows why ;-)