Friday, 17 December 2010


So the gremlin of Paretai Drive reckons he cant afford to live on $1000 a week? Whatever.

Time to make do. Muriel Newman put out an excellent book on budgeting a few years back.

And here are some handy hints on how to live on $1000 a week.

  • Make your own brekky, lunch and dinner.
  • Clean your own toilet.
  • Do the dishes by hand .
  • Turn off the spa pool.
  • Shop at Pak and Save
  • Take the bus.
  • Sell all the clothes you dont wear on Trademe - in fact any spare stuff - like breitling watches, your missus sparklers, would be good.
  • Get your missus to dye her own hair at home.
  • You could do her brazilian and pluck her chin hairs.
  • shampoo the dog your self.

Thats just a few for starters..

1 comment:

showmethetaxcut said...

As I have said elsewhere, no judge in his right mind is ever going to believe that this clown does not have access to cash.