Tuesday, 7 December 2010


We were sent this press release and report that details the shock horror probe details of a big dust up in Tainui.

Seems that the King - -is not just a titular head but has the power to intervene in the management of the tribes fast growing businesses.
The report makes for very interesting reading not just for Tainui but for Ngai Tahu as well. It seems Ngai Tahu's Kaiwhakahaere Mark Solomon is way higher paid than the Tainui leaders.
Begs the question really. Why?

Here is the substantive statement by Tainui.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Could it just be that Ngai Tahu makes way more profit than the cuzzies up in the swamp?

Wines of the Week said...

Give me a "settlement" of say nett $200 million and I will show you a profit too !!

Marty Mars said...

@ winey

First they would have to take pretty well everything off you and fuck you up - then they might give you back a paltry percentage of what they have taken - you up for that are you?

Anonymous said...


Who is they? Not me that's for sure nor most people in NZ.
But it's us that are forced to pay out to these people who have no claim to anything that is based on anything more than ancestry.
How can anyone possibly say what state anyone would be in now had something in the past occurred or not occurred? That is impossible to determine.
Non of these outrageous handouts have ever been justified in any proper court.
Whatever was done was done to people long dead by people long dead and that cannot be redressed without creating gross injustice to living people who have done nothing wrong to any living people.
In fact iwi should be claiming from themselves since it was their own leaders who messed up long ago or ripped of their own people by selling land that they supposedly occupied.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon

The statistics tell the story - my response was to winey about the idea that some settlement is like a lotto win - it's not - it is recompense, totally inadequate, for the wrongs done in the past by the government - that is why there is an apology in them.

They are the crown, government, powers that be.

Your last paragragh shows a poor understanding of the issues IMO and is offensive too but I don't suppose that concerns you.

Anonymous said...