Monday, 13 December 2010


Poor Charles. The iccky WikiLeaks scandal has snared him. He is the schmoozer and groover about the beltway whom the Americans relied heavily on for good goss.
And be rest assured, Charles is well known for having the very best of goss. If he doesn't know about it - it didn't happen.

He is the insiders insider.

So bloody what.

The whole Wiki leaks stuff is quite disturbing. Not so much for the few bits that are seriously interesting and indeed scary , like the Saudi's being shit scared of Iran but of the share banality of the rest of the stuff.

And as for Nicky Hagars boring as batshit story. He writes like a spy - all subtle ooh and ahhing. He intersperses his biased opinion of others opinions ( thats what the cables are) to give us greater insight. What we end up with is a sleezy story that for insiders and those close to them tells us nothing we didn't already know.

IF Wikileaks has done anything its that it has has degraded the diplomatic corps by showing that they trade in gossip and innuendo as much as fact.

Its like they collectively put together the pieces of a big jigsaw but trouble is they arent always picking the pieces from the same box. So it can be all a bit whiffy.

So what did Finny do that was bad? Nothing really. He is a trade expert and has a vast network of contacts. That is fact. He is happy to share his knowledge and is always ready with an opinion. That is fact.

He is a spy. Thats the bit that is rubbish.
In fact if Charles Finny is a spy then everyone who used to drink at Beaujolais was one too.


Charles Finny said...

I was always worried about that Shaun fellow...

Thanks BB.

In Jakarta on a MFAT assignment. Sorry I was not able to walk down Lambton Quay.

Anonymous said...

Great free publicity for Saunders Unsworth. Shame this "spy thing" wasn't leaked before the regional council elections. A free election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Given that it's election year in 2011 let's hope "007" revives The Hive